Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The future of Urban Gets Diesel

Based on a good conversation we had with the members of Potomac CrossFit during our nutritional seminar earlier this month, we decided to clarify our thoughts on peanuts, and peanut butter. You can read all about why we don't eat peanuts (and why PB is "out" for our Whole30 program) on the Whole9 site.

On that note... I've been thinking long and hard about how best to provide good information, share my own stories and answer reader questions in the coming year. I used to do everything through this blog, until we affiliated. Then, I split my time between the blog and the 603 site, posting articles in both places. Now, we've got the blog, our new CrossFit site and, most recently, our nutritional consulting site (Whole9Life.com).

Having to split my time between three web sites has proven difficult. In addition, Dallas has been writing more for the Whole9, and he and I have been collaborating on a ton of articles (like the recent "Sexy Met-Con" piece). And I've been stuck having to choose the best site to feature the piece while still trying to keep the others current. So what I've decided, sadly but definitively, is this...

It's time to retire the blog. Or, more accurately, it's time to transition everything I would be writing for UGD over to the Whole9 site. The stories, the articles, the training videos and workouts - the appropriate and inappropriate, the professional and the personal - all of it will move with me. I want readers to have ONE resource to find all of our thoughts on training, nutrition, health and fitness. I'd like you to have some continuity in format and location going forward. And frankly, I'd like a break from having to keep three web sites updated on a weekly basis. So we're consolidating efforts and building a bigger, badder, more complete site to house ALL of our good stuff.

On a few technical notes, the blog isn't actually going away. I'll leave everything here and up, so all the old back-links work. I've also imported all the posts to the W9 site, and will continue to monitor posts and comments here in case someone drops a note.

Finally, I assure you, I am not selling out. Sure, the W9 site looks pretty slick. We wanted something that was clean and professional, easy to navigate and nice to look at. But that doesn't mean all of our posts are going PC. The tone of my writing isn't going to change. The content isn't going to change, either... the next time I fall off my box jump, hit a deadlift PR or break a barbell cleaning, you'll hear about it. You can still ask questions, post criticisms, request training, nutrition or rehab advice. You can still share your stories, offer each other support and (I hope) continue to use us as one of your most trusted resources. And most importantly, we promise to continue speaking our mind about everything from chipper met-cons to the kipping pull-up, the Zone diet to our Healthy/F-Off scale, the CrossFit Games to 5x5 strength protocols.

I'll miss posting here - this blog has changed in so many ways in the last year, and I've loved participating in the community we've built. But, I assure you, none of that is changing. All I'm doing from a logistics standpoint is moving next door, and I'm really hoping all my readers here will follow. So please, check out the Whole9 site, and get familiar with our philosophies and methodologies. Update your links from UGD to the W9. Take a minute right now and subscribe to the 9 Blog. In exchange, we promise to update the site with new posts a few times a week, and continue to incorporate your suggestions, recommendations and requests.

So as of the new year, Urban is getting diesel over at the Whole9. And our first official article of 2010 is all kinds of appropriate after the debauchery of the Holiday season, so stay tuned for "9 things to do when you're all banged up." Hope to see you over at the W9, and Happy New Year, everyone.

Please post thoughts to comments... for the last time here.


Kevin Daigle said...

Aww I'm feeling sentimental Moxy boss....I'll have to update my bookmarks I guess....bummer. Thank you though....this will make the 2J&S tshirts officially collectors items!

Richard said...

It's been a lovely journey on your blog, to realize how far you have come along is pretty incredible.

Wishing you all the best as always :)

Richard "your Belgian helmet partner" Vanmeerbeek

Jay Ashman said...

I met you through this blog, we subsequently met at the CF NYC/Brooklyn box and kept in touch periodically since then, I am sure there are other stories like that out there. You are a great resource to go to with nutrition advice and gave me a LOT of training advice as well when I needed it.

Just a thank you for all the time you answered questions and helped out, I can never repay you for that and it is very much appreciated.

Sully said...

Right on--as a fellow 'Urb-avore', I will still be following intently-I gotta say, I have learned immensley from this blog and the old '603' site, you have a follower/fan/client for life! Thanks for all the knowledge and postings!
(if i had ONE book to read on a long flight, it would be 'the zone') I am on my second read through now.

Gant Grimes said...

I remember the early days when you asked me for nutrition and training advice. Now look at you...gone off the damn deep end with your nuts and seeds and hopping around. Seriously, keep up the good info and don't let the man get you down. Best of luck.

Jamie said...

Yeah, feeling a bit schmoopie here myself. I hope that you truly realize the impact of the site(s). As a relatively new CrossFitter, I have so much to learn. I posted a few months back as a part of the Paleo adventure and got so much out of it. I have been a bit out of site lately tending to my Melanoma diagnosis and its required treatment. Well, I beat the hell out of it, and I am 100% certain that I had the blessing of that success due to my improved health and fitness due to CrossFit and this particular site. So, Thank You. I wish I could say more, but it would just not come out right. I will follow you and Dallas anywhere.
Many blessings in your futures, no matter where they might show up!

Steve said...

I find it interesting your new site Thewhole9 site has nothing about CrossFit in it and is more developed than your CrossFit Thewhole9 site.

Well good luck with your new site and business.

Angie said...

I will miss this blog too, but I think the move will be purely administrative and much more functional and efficient. I like the thought of one site now that CFW9 has been redesigned because now I won't be checking both sites for updates.

Melissa: I would just have ONE little request. Can you add a "search this blog" search box onto your UGD blog for users? That way people can search your entire blog using a word search and unless I'm technically challenged, I don't think we can currently do that. I think we can only use the function on our computer to search the current page.

Looking forward to the new material in the new year in ONE site :O)

Kassandra said...

Okaaay, I'll change my links. That last sentence of your post seems a little dooms-day-y and got me a little sad.

Love the constant shout-outs to PCF!

Melissa Urban said...

@Everyone: Thanks for the kind words, and the support. I told someone that seeing the blog "go away" is kind of like sending your kid off to college - exciting and proud, but also sad. But we're already hard at work on new articles, and I'm super fired up for our new ventures, so keep those links fresh and keep your eye on the W9 site.

@Gant: I still ask you for advice. Remember that time I asked which lager goes best with a bloody red porterhouse? Thanks for sticking around and contributing, even when I did get a little bit preachy.

@Steve: You're not trying to start trouble, are you? Unfortunately, we can't run any of our nutritional consulting programs under the CrossFit umbrella. As a result, we HAVE to keep the two sites wholly separate and distinct. That's why there is no mention of CrossFit on the W9 site - other than in our "About Us" page, and anecdotally in our blog posts.

@Angie: Great suggestion, thanks. There's now a "Search UGD" box in the sidebar, about half-way down the page.

Steve said...

No I am not trying to start trouble, it was just an observation.

Kevin O'Malley said...

Hey Melissa,
My name is Kevin from Vagabond CrossFit down in Brockton, Ma... I met you at the gymnastics certification in Connecticut in October, talk to you at the end... Give me an email got some questions for you and also what is your take on SUNBUTTER?? Have you ever had and does it resemble any similiar taste to peanut butter?


CStreet said...

Melissa- You were the first person to comment on my CF MB workout log almost 2 years ago. I've recently (and finally!) closed that door due to my disdain over how Rip and Wolf were outed by HQ.
I think the "Got Pull-up?" tee was your springboard! I still wear it (tricked out) to coach WODs at CFED. Women love it! You've been a huge inspiratation to CF newbs and now the hunter/gatherer crowd. I look forward to following your Whole9 blog and will hopefully see you at the Games.
Keep up the good work.
Christin Street

Wallace said...

Just wanted to let you know that I will be following your new blog. You have posted some really good info that has helped me out immensely, thank you. Keep up the good work!

Vicky Sadhu said...

I remember the early days when you asked me for nutrition and training advice. Now look at you..:) Diesel Chip

David Haas said...

I have a question about your blog, could you email me?