Friday, November 20, 2009

Whole30 Sponsor a Soldier SUCCESS!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Because of your efforts, in just ONE WEEK we have raised $2,700.... enough to purchase 500 large Paleokits for soldiers stationed at Bagram Air Base! A special thank you goes out to Get Built Chattanooga CrossFit, for their generous donation last night.

Steve's Club is busy putting the order together now. We need to have these on base at Fort Bragg by Thanksgiving, so he's expediting shipping... and probably putting his other customers' orders on hold for a day or two to get this done for Operation Iron Cross.

On that note, if we have any extra in the fund, I'd like to donate whatever we have left back to Steve's Club. Because of the generous discount they are giving us, Steve's Club charity wasn't planning to take or keep any proceeds at all from this giant sale. That just doesn't sit right with me - one charity taking a hit in order to support another. So I'm happy to report that any extra funds collected will go right back to Steve's Club, as a small token of our thanks.

Now that the Paleokits have been arranged, I can take some time to tell you more about some of our awesome sponsors! We'll be featuring Tyler Hass of Ring Training, CrossFit equipment suppliers Rage Fitness, Jeff Martone's Tactical Athlete and more next week.

I'm also going to take a break from the business end and talk about what it's like to participate in a trip of this nature. There is so much behind the scenes work involved, and it's been an absolute roller coaster of "Yes, we've done that", "Oh, I guess we need to do that again" and "Crap, we didn't know we had to do that". I'll pass some of that along, and a few notes I've received from men and women stationed overseas (and their loved ones), in the coming week.

Again, on behalf of the men and women of the 7SFG... THANK YOU for your generosity. This community never ceases to amaze me, and I am honored to be a part of it.


Kevin Daigle said...

Awesome Mox...this is a really exciting adventure and, with a great cause. I'm glad to see this working out so well and so (seemingly) smoothly.

P.S. I hope you got, and enjoyed the pics of us at the team throwdown!

Sully said...

It is such an honor--not just that everyone came together so quick to support this, but that our guys and gals overseas will know:

(same goes for Steve's club! :-)

Peyton Knippel said...

Urban, I like your style. This is one of the coolest things I've seen done. I wish this had been around a few years ago when i was out on the Pakistan border! I know how much I would have appreciated this so I can only imagine how much these fellow operators will appreciate the effort you and everyone else is putting into this.

Great job and have fun over there.

Will K. said...

When you're downrange every little bit of home makes a difference whether it's pictures or food or some equipment to play around with. Now that I lay it out like that Melissa and Dallas and the folks at Operation Iron Cross are covering 2 out of 3 before hand and I'm sure there will be awesome pictures to follow. Keep up that good work all.

Sully said...

---Yeah, Will K--I didn't even think about that: I too hope to see some cool pic's posted (and maybe some cool videos, to boot!)

crossfitnrv said...

Nice job Urban! Our shirts got sent out to Michelle last week, and I spread the word to the folks at Ultimate CF in Charlotte. Thanks for spearheading this!

CrossFit NRV

Steve said...

Thanks for giving me this chance to give back to our heroes.