Thursday, October 22, 2009

An (administrative) word from your sponsor

Here's a little bit about what's been going on behind the scenes, why the 603 has been quiet these last few weeks, and some follow-up on the "Derailed" post.

CrossFit 603/30 Day News:

  • First, we are in the process of creating a permanent home for our 30 day program. Which needs a real name, because (a) every time someone calls it a "challenge", I swear under my breath, and (b) calling it "Urban Gets Diesel Change Your Life in 30 Days" is kinda long, and (c) "That 30 Day Thingy" isn't exactly snappy. We're working on it. Until the 603 site gets a redesign and the whole 30 moves over there, every Friday on UGD will be dedicated to 30 day'ers. Welcome back, kids.

  • We are H.A.R.D. at work redesigning the 603 to better reflect the broader scope of training-related services we now offer. Until we're ready to relaunch, the 603 will be on hiatus. We're hoping to have things wrapped up in another few weeks, but that depends on how much time Dallas and I can devote to the effort. We're moving as fast as we can.
  • In the meantime, keep an eye here for the usual posts - training, nutrition and random musings.

Derailed follow-up:

Thanks to all of you who posted and emailed about your own "derailment", and how you are coping. That's the kind of thing we're going for with our new consulting and training program... fitness is more than just your training PRs, perfectly measured diet or zinc-and-magnesium induced sleep regimen. There are so many factors that play into health and fitness, and you need to treat them all as a WHOLE to keep moving forward. Sounds like you are all back on a good track as well - and if you're not, it's not too late to 'fess up, ask for help and state your case here. You've got plenty of support from me and the readers.

My PTP program is off to a good start -deadlifts and presses are light, but that's the whole point. (If you haven't read Dallas' intro to the program, you really should. It explains everything, including why he's a genius for programming this under our official CrossFit umbrella. In my opinion, CrossFit needs way more of this and way fewer map-and-a-flashlight met-cons*.)
*Map-and-a-flashlight met-cons are those excessively detailed, multi-round, multi-exercise, convoluted rep scheme chippers that require a map and a flashlight to follow along. It's a disturbing affiliate programming trend... more on that in a future post (that's probably going to get us in trouble).
I'm eating squeaky clean until Thanksgiving (my own 30-plus day program), and taking extra rest days when I need them, which is often, because (a) I'm still a little stressed out, and (b) my body can't take a serious beating more than two days in a row just yet. But as my Dad said in an email to me yesterday:

"You can’t fix it all at once, but you can fix one small part. You succeed. Success feeds on itself and you begin to climb out of the hole you were in. So here it is again: ‘Adversity is the forge that character is built on’.

Right on, Captain Tom. Need a kick in the pants to start changing your own life, one small part at a time? Recommit to the 30 day program. Do it tomorrow. We'll all be there, waiting for you.


nutritionasiseeit said...

Hey Melissa, great post.
I'm on the Paleo until Turkey Day train too. In an effort to stay on track, I start taking pictures of my meals and posting them to my blog (I'm not trying to plug my site, I have no financial interest in it, just my love for nutrition)

It's not perfect as I started out modeling Mat Lalonde's post on so I still have some dark chocolate here and there. I also used whey protein for a couple of days, I'm back on real food now though. But anyways, the real reason for my comment is that I wanted to relay another story to shows that Paleo fixes everything!

So I got married the day after Thanksgiving last year but you wouldn't know it if you met me on the street because I can't wear my ring for more than a couple of hours or else I get a reaction on my finger that looks similar to what poison ivy. My wife said I was just allergic to marriage. Anyways after starting no wheat/no dairy on October 11, I put my ring on on Monday to try and prove that Paleo is magical. I haven't had to take it off since, no reaction! I even had a high carb day (sweet potatoes) and that didn't bother it. Keep up the good work!

Heather said...

My husband and I are at the end of our 30 day program. In short, I feel really good. He thinks his overhead squat is deeper due to the diet increasing his flexibility (I'm skeptical), but also feels great (except on Saturdays when temptation is high).

I have two questions.
1) I am having digestion problems since being on this diet. Everything seems to run right through me. I don't eat a lot of fruit and when I do, I make sure I eat double the amount of veggies with every meal. I am probably short on protein on some days (I am a moderate fan of eating big hunks of meat). What am I doing wrong?
2) And this is kind of a combo question. Any advice on slowly testing certain foods (I love and miss my yogurt in the morning, plus it's easier and less expensive than buyer eggs every morning)? Also, I would like to hear more about how people are doing post the 30 day challenge.

dawn said...
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larissa_bennett said...

"Zinc-and-magnesium induced sleep regimen"? I'm a newbie here, so I know that there is a LOT that I've missed, but I've been having sleep troubles since this past spring. Would zinc and magnesium possibly help? Is there some resource I can turn to for this? Thanks!

Jamie said...

Melissa - Keep those posts coming. Knowing others hit hurdles make my shins hurt less. :)

Heather - Congrats on your first 30 days!
Without 'spilling my guts' in front of everyone, I will say that my digestion changed with Paleo too. Things moved along quicker, but it did not bother me. Maybe your experience is more extreme than mine was...
I have been sticking with the 30 day Paleo Rules as my base plan and adding in one thing. I might add it for a few days before I see the reaction and then I know I can have it once but not twice. Or, I have a reaction immediately and I have to decide if it is worth it in the future. I think the big key is to not add a bunch of variables at once - then you dont know what blew up.
I do agree - Paleo costs more. And at first I was bothered by that but I think it is worth it. Not being as sickly as I was and have much better body performance makes the $$ seem less important.
I get so much more done now that I do pretty much Paleo + 7 hours sleep no matter what that I just cant argue the results with my budget. When I eat crappy food, my body shows it. That is when I am just wasting money, but it is wasted on the gym membership and CF fees. You can't work out a bad diet...

MelissaG said...

Hey Melissa

Since I like trouble, a couple weeks ago I had to resort to writing a lengthy met-con on my hand because I couldn't remember what I was supposed to do 5 seconds after I finished reading it. I'm sure I lost more than a couple seconds constantly reading my hand. There's a picture out there somewhere as someone thought it was funny.

@larissa - I'm sure Melissa will fill you in on all the science-y details but my personal experience, skip the ZMA and go with just magnesium. I tried ZMA and I had the most wacked out dreams while taking it. Now on just magnesium I've spent more nights out cold, as in couldn't wake me if the house was on fire, in the last few weeks than I have in the last 5 years.

dawn said...

Hi Melissa,

I have recently been derailed due to some nasty virus, and not going to the gym seems like it's not an option. I mean, if I don't CrossFit, then who am I? How warped is that? Your derailed post reminded me that the goal is to be healthy and strong. So if the gym makes you weaker, then what's the point. Focusing on eating good stuff and sleeping is your workout.

Thank you for continuing to share with us. Your posts are always packed full of good stuff and are just downright inspiring!

Melissa Urban said...

@Nutrition: AWESOME that you get to wear your ring again. I keep saying, the body reacts in strange and sometimes unpredictable ways to the food we eat. I'm happy to hear another "eating good food does good things" story.

@Heather: You may want to post your question on tomorrow's check-in, as you may get more feedback. Here's my take. Either (a) you're eating too much fat, which is probably not the case, (b) some of the vegetables, and perhaps fruits, you've introduced aren't agreeing with you, which is very common, or (c) the massive influx of veggies you are taking in now compared to your old diet is going to take some getting used to. Again, it can take your body a few weeks, months even, to adapt to your new way of eating. Try some scientific approaches - choose one or two vegetables at a time, and see if anything makes it worse or better. But be patient, things will even themselves out.

As for reintroducing foods back into your diet to test their effect, read this post.

@Larissa: I could give you the science, but in this case, personal experience speaks louder than anything. ZMA didn't do much for my sleep quality, or that of my clients. Pure magnesium, in carbonate or citrate form, works amazingly well. A few scoops of powder in water before bed and I fall asleep fast and STAY asleep. It's genius. Try the Natural Calm brand.

@Melissa G: You are trouble. I can hear you snickering from here.

@Dawn: AMEN. You've got it... take care of yourself, and when you're ready, get back in there and hit it hard.

Steve said...

Hey I am doing my WODs again. Now that I am lighter I get less winded, but at 264 I still have a lot of body weight to push and pull around. I need to lose another 40 pounds to get below 20% body fat. I have no doubt I will reach that goal within one year, because that "That 30 Day Thingie" has taught me how to eat the right way.

Melissa, I like to spell thingie with an "ie". BTW I used the word thingie at work today in our Design Review Meeting and got everyone laughing. Yes I work at a high tech Medical Device Company as the head of National Service Department.

Gant Grimes said...

I like Scott's idead on your FB, Urban Renewal.

Glad you're back in the swing, even though you're doing light (blah) DL's. And yes, I have read and understand the programming.

If you have to write a metcon down to remember it, there's too much.

I second the vote for straight Mg. It's easier to titrate both Zn and Mg rather than ZMA. Some people also prefer citrate to aspertate for whatever reason.

Focus on life stuff first rather than getting addicted to another 30-day challenge. If you have a day and need to eat a hamburger, do it. You'll be much better off for it than stressing over dietary nirvana during an already trying time.

dale j said...

I'm recommitting to the 30 day program starting today. As has been pointed out to me, that's going to be key to getting through the life stuff.

When I eat crap, I feel like crap. When I feel like crap, I'm probably not going to make the best decisions, manage stress well or have the energy I need to get through it.

leecrase said...

What about calling it the Throttle Thirty?
I love reading all your posts!
Thank you for sharing and all the inspiration that happens as a result.