Monday, July 20, 2009

Paleo check-in, Monday 20 July

Happy Monday! Lots of comments on the last post, and we've got people just now getting on board with their 30 days. Welcome to all the new people. Spend some time reading old posts and comments. There's a wealth of information to be found - from the community, for the community. And repeating questions that have already been asked and answered is boring.

To answer a few recently asked questions:

1. At this point in your 30 day period, what do you THINK I'm going to say about any recipe involving cocoa powder?

Edit: The same applies to booze of ANY kind. I don't care if it's "Paleo", it's missing the bus in a giant way. Good lord, people.

2. Be patient. This process takes TIME to work. Do the work, and wait for it. It's worth it.

3. At this point in your 30 day period, don't worry about saturated fat, or your Omega-3 and Omega-6 intake. Just eat what I tell you to eat. Don't try to make it any harder than it has to be.

4. To be clear, the prescription is, "Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, SOME fruit..."

5. It's not your job to tough love each other, although you are certainly welcome to throw your two cents in anywhere you like. But don't feel like you ever need to play the bad guy. That's my responsibility here. Your role is to support, encourage, motivate and inspire. And you are all doing a fantastic job of that.


Ronesshia said...

I had a very hard weekend, which actually started on Thursday. I found out my husband has been laid off. Needless to say, with a reception coming up in 2 weeks(we were married in the Bahamas in May), along with some other stuff going on, this is NOT the news I wanted to hear. Plus we were headed out of rural NC where finding food that is remotely healthy is like a treasure hunt.

So let the stress of everything going on get to me and ate some things I shouldn't have. I just wanted to get that off of my chest. No pity party or anything going on. Just wanted to be truthful. And since the reception is in 2 weeks, and I WILL be eating the cake I paid for, my 30 days will start over on August 2nd. With that being said, I am still following Paleo for the next two weeks, but I'm not counting that as a part of my 2nd trial (really my 3rd) of Paleo. So I drug my husband to the grocery store at 11 pm last night to stock up for the week. And I'm back on track.

Melissa Byers said...


I am sorry to hear about your husband. That does sound like an awful lot of stress all at once. Just wondering... did eating that comfort food make you feel better, or did you just end up beating yourself up about that, too? Sometimes when life gets really hard, eating clean becomes one thing in your life that you can feel good about. And when the body is stressed, you have an obligation to take really good care of it. So I'm glad to hear you are back on track today. I'm proud of you.

As for your reception - hell, yes, you should eat your wedding cake. No questions asked. And until then, do the absolute best you can to take good care of yourself and your husband. Best of luck to you both.


Elizabeth said...

Happy Monday to everyone. Today is day 5 for me.
Packed with me I have: 1 cup pineapple and blueberry, 1 raw green pepper cut up w/ 1 cucumber, container w/ fresh spinach and 1/4 of a lemon, about 1 cup of steamed shrimp, apple, ground beef cooked w/ green and Vidalia onions and spices (like taco mix) on lettuce, tomato and 1/2 avocado. For breakfast I had 3 eggs and a handful of almonds. today will be a great day.
I ate an entire bottle of sunbutter over the weekend. although i have another un-opened jar in the pantry i've decided i can't live with the dehydrated cane juice.
I can already tell a difference in my body, mostly my midsection. plan on cooking eggplant tonight. i don't really like it so hopefully this recipe will make me a believer.

Elizabeth said...

in reference to my comment above, i can see a POSITIVE change in my body. i didn't want anyone to read that as i can tell a difference in my body from eating the sunbutter.
oh and i found that i like the coconut milk found the in the Janpannese section of the grocerty store better than the Goya brand.

nadia said...

Going good! we went hiking yesterday and picked a bunch of blueberries on top of a mountain. let me tell you, you really earn every ounce of sweetnees in those berries when you forage for them yourself!

also, I had an interesting experience on saturday, headed out shopping after a two-egg breakfast and got incredibly dizzy and weak in the store. fortunately I recognized it was low blood sugar and got a larabar to compensate. went home and calculated I had eaten almost no carbs before heading out that morning (usually I have a heaping serving of broccoli or zucchini in the AM).

last week, someone asked about paelo snacks you can keep in your car, here are some things we bring on road trips:

-carrot/celery sticks + nut butter
-hard boiled eggs
-nuts, raw or roasted with spices
-straight coconut oil (you can drink shots)
-mini cans of coconut milk

Johnny said...

weight is down a bit but body comp change is fairly noticeable. After 16 days I'm feeling great and it's getting easier to keep it going.

I have been eating way too much fruit and it's been causing me to be hungry more often. Today I'm going to scale back to only 1 fruit serving a day.

I also cut out caffeinated coffee yesterday. Been a bit tired and foggy but this seems to also be helping the hunger issue. Perhaps I was more sensitive to the caffeine than I had wanted to believe.

Ronesshia said...

Thanks, MB. No it didn't make me feel any better. Actually I felt ALOT worse, and still do. My body just does not function well eating junk. I can tell the difference from the last two weeks and today. I know being in control of this one thing will help me handle the rest. I've just got to live that way.

nadia said...

speaking of coconut milk, does anyone have a source that is a)cheap and b)sulfite-free?

right now, all we have is the lite stuff from trader joes.

grokette said...

Hi, everyone. I'm new to this community, but have been eating Paleo foods for the last five weeks. I've already lost 15 pounds and I feel so much better. The biggest change for me has been the cessation of cravings and binges (not to mention insatiable hunger).

I went to a girl's night at a friends house this weekend and felt no urges to eat the hoards of junk carbs: chips, cake, cookies and kettle corn. Instead, I brought my own fresh cut veggies with eggplant hummus. Once I got my fill I completely stopped eating and felt to need to graze like the rest of the girls. This is a HUGE deal for me! Congrats to everyone for making this commitment. I'm glad to be a part of this.

mie said...

My husband got laid off on Thursday too. It's a tough time, but what i realized is that there will always be something. There is always some kind of stress, worries, etc in our lives. And these should not be an excuse to not workout or eat crappy food. In fact, working out and eating well is the only thing that's stable in my life that provides me happiness every time. Why take them away during the time I need them most?

Trust me, I am in no way perfect. I do eat way too many almonds to compensate for ...something (i don't know what though. lol) But every morning I wake up, I feel good! During the day when I have a weak moment, I come back to this forum. I'm sure I'll be back later today ;)

Dan said...

Hey all,

I'm on Day 16 now and I honestly don't feel any different. The only thing that’s changed is that I’m hungry almost all the time. Hungry when I wake up, hungry after I eat, hungry when I go to bed. I'm eating a ton of food too. Is this normal?

Chelsea said...

nadia - I've found the best coconut milk (especially for cooking) is the stuff in the International section of the regular grocery store. I think it's with the Thai food usually.

Jimi said...

Day 18. This weekend was VERY hard. Did Fight gone bad saturday afternoon at the gym (+7 PR) and REALLY wanted a celebratory beer afterward. My evil side of the brain was trying hard to rationalize it but I held strong.

My weight is back up to starting weight. I don't see that much difference in body composition now but 18 days isn't going to reverse 30 years of non-paleo I suppose.

Funny little note: Today at our executive staff meeting someone brought in a few chocolate covered crickets as a joke. Everyone was too much of sissy to eat one. I saved mine. It will be the first thing I eat on day 31.

Adam Kayce said...

@Dan - yeah, it can be. I've had the increase in my hunger, too, now that every bite counts (no fluff to fill up the pipes and do me no good). There are a lot of things that can go into weight loss (if that's your target... sounds like it) - look at Melissa's post where she interviewed Mathieu Lalonde: . There're some really good info there.

My weekend went well, except for lunch at Chipotle on Saturday. I didn't blow it, but ordering a bowl of lettuce, steak (not enough), salsa, and guac just doesn't fill me up like it should. So, I'll more than likely be dropping the idea of eating out until these 30 days go by.

Went to a kid's birthday party, too, and had zero desire to eat the cupcakes & ice cream, which was great. Eating clean makes it much easier to avoid the nasties, if you ask me. Came home and made some of Son of Grok's Gorilla Cake instead (bananas & coconut, basically). Since I'm not eating fruit otherwise, I'm staying within the SOME fruit guidelines pretty well.

Feeling leaner, even though the scale isn't moving much. But, I can be patient.

Dan said...

@Adam - thanks. My goal isn't weight loss though, just trying to eat clean to improve my performance. Here's a log of my Paleo journey (without AMOUNTS listed, but it's generally a lot) -

Anyone else feeling hungry all the time or have any tricks to feel sated? The only time I've felt full in the past two weeks was after eating 3 steaks!

ennius said...


I'm curious. What exactly IS the negative impact of cocoa powder on paleo? I was doing some research on it, and 1. it's not a legume like carob powder, 2. it's not a sugar, 3. has a very low glycemic index value... so where are the downsides in moderation of usage?

I've been pretty good with being dairy and grain free. Still working on trying to find a substitute for hummus though!

Melissa Byers said...

@ all y'all: As part of a normal, "I'm living my life and doing the best I can to make good choices while still maintaining my sanity" diet, I'm FINE with cocoa powder. Ennius' points are legitimate. Cocoa powder is a good, healthy chocolate-ish option.

But right now, I am asking people to change the way they think about food, and break old, unhealthy patterns of dietary behavior. That includes craving sugar just because it's 3 PM, turning to sweets for comfort, and feeling the need to have "dessert" after every good meal. Swapping out the Snickers bar for bananas wrapped in dates dipped in coconut flakes covered in cocoa powder does NOTHING for that effort, despite the fact that all of those foods are technically "Paleo". Hence my edict that, right now, asking if you can have cocoa powder = you missing the bus.

After these 30 days are up, go on with your cocoa powder, sulfite-free wine and any other technically Paleo foods you choose to include. But not here, not now.

Does that make sense to everyone?

Serena said...

Melissa, not to sound corny but thank you. I can totally relate to a lot of your posts but the posts from The Byers Guide to Eating Dirty going forward were life changing.

Here’s an abbreviated version of my weight loss journey…

About 2 years ago, I was able to go from 220 to 170 pounds through a low fat/high-carb diet, 45 minutes of cardio daily with minimal weight training. My weight stalled for a whole year. I started crossfitting and adapted a Paleo diet in January. While my weight only dropped by two pounds in 6 months, I lost inches and my strength improved dramatically. I always allowed myself a cheat day once a week-actually it was more like a binge day where I would eat anything and everything in site. On June 1, I went 90% Paleo (I allowed myself sugar and vinegar in the form of BBQ sauce and I milk and Splenda in my coffee) and as a result I dropped 5 pounds and lost even more inches and I developed a healthier relationship with food. After reading about Melissa’s 30 day Paleo challenge, I made a commitment to 100% Paleo. No BBQ Sauce, No Milk or Splenda in my coffee. This experience has been life changing. My performance has improved, I’ve dropped more weight and I actually like my coffee black and I don’t get ridiculous cravings for cake and cookies anymore. I hate to sound smug but saying no to liquor and non Paleo foods has not been that difficult. My friends make fun of me when I sip on water while they get all crunked but I don’t care. I’m leaving for vacation to an all-inclusive resort on Wednesday and I plan on sticking to the challenge while on vacation.

ennius said...

Thanks for the clarification B, and totally justified! :)

Jay C said...

Solid blog, nice Paleo challenge.
Remember, Tongue is on the Good List.

More Tongue, More fun.

Chow On


James said...


Great stuff, glad to see that you are enabling others. I haven't been on the site in a bit, I did read back at some old posts and comments. I have lost 35 pounds via crossfit and paleo diet over the past year to year and a half, and the crossfit and diet gradually became stricter. (I am now extremely strict with my diet.) I feel really great and probably only have 5-10 more to go, and have hit a pr on EVERY SINGLE olympic lift of any kind over the past 3 months.

Here is where I struggle, and am curious for your thoughts. Alcohol. I can cut it out, and do when I don't feel like having one. I have sorghum-based beer in my fridge, gluten-free, and like a beer with grilling. More importantly, I am a salesperson. I entertain, and it's extremely difficult to abstain in that capacity.

I understand it's not perfect, I'd like to be perfect, and would love to hear reasonable thoughts around this. I am in the best shape of my life since my days as a boxer, and feel awesome. I know that the last 5-10 pounds are the beer. How does everyone else unwind?


Melicious said...

Hey, Serena: F*ck, yeah! Good on you, girl. Love reading stuff like that.

Serena said...

Oh snap, Melicious I totally forgot to give you a shout out. I've been following your blog too and you're great. Your tips have been really helpful and you totally kick a$$! Um if I give you enough complements, can you assign me a Roller girl nick name too?? :-)

Melicious said...

Serena! The magic of the Rollergirl name is that you can make one up for yourself. Talk about empowering!

Think about the dream version of you... what would her name be? Bingo! You got it.

I always wanted to be intimidating and mouthy, hence Melicious. What's your inner Rollergirl (or Rollerdude) telling you?

nadia said...


what brands do you get? I find lots of inexpensive stuff in the asian grocery store, but it all has metabisulfite. The only one which doesn't seem to have it is Thai Kitchen, which is usually out of my budget, price-wise.

Chelsea said...

I think thai kitchen is my brand. How much coconut milk are you using?? Maybe you can find it in bulk at someplace like Costco...get a friend with a membership to take you in and look around first though if you don't have one already.

James said...


apologies! I read a little more, I see what you are doing here. Alcohol is the ONLY cheat in a very strict paleo diet for me, so I have taken out all of the other variables. I don't think the 30 day is exactly for me, but the takeaway is probably to try to cut back on my one vice. It's not professionally feasible to not have a drink over 30 days, but I do like your style!

Will K. said...

Survived this weekend with nutrition intact. That said MB I have a question:

Oh Nutrition Certified Guru here's my problem: During about 6 hours of my day (up until about an hour before bed) I am in a classroom setting where no food of any kind can be consumed. I get 10 minutes out of every hour during which I can gobble whatever is available. I have been taking dried fruits mostly as well as nuts and seeds because I have no cooking facility available. Since the nutrition proverb dictates SOME fruit, not all fruit, I need alternate transportable food ideas. I posted this last week and got some good advice from some of the other folks but now I'm asking you. My food must not need refridgeration because of how early I have to leave the house and must again be able to be either completely consumed in 10 minutes or resealed for an hour to be finished. Thoughts?

Oh and what is the official stance on coconut milk in coffee? I know the thing about limiting caffeine but as previously stated I can not give up my daily cup. I have been drinking it completely black but would like some type of sweetening flavor to add. Thanks.

nadia said...


I also work in sales, and I know how that can be! the easiest thing i've done to "fake" drinking has been:

-going to get/make the drinks myself.
-passing off my club soda and lime as a "gin and tonic"
-unsweetened cherry or cranberry juice as "wine"
-making toasts and keeping the air festive while "drinking".

faking drinking is probably not the healthiest thing to do, but it seems to work.

nadia said...


the only solution I've found for the hunger is fat fat fat. pour coconut oil all over your food, or drink it straight. munch on avocados, almond butter, or just eat handfuls of nuts.

also, I looked at your blog, and I gotta say, if you're hungry all the time, don't eat so many damn larabars! Byers says they are allowed, but eating 3 a day will still spike your insulin, IME. once it drops, you'll be hungry again. also, your veggie intake is pretty low, it looks like you are mostly eating leaves. try adding a cup of carbier veggies like summer squash or broccoli to all your meals (including breakfast).

Jake said...

Today is day 15 for me. This is so effing cool. I have never been this excited (although my current mood may have something to do with starting training with Khalipa at CF Santa Clara).

Since we're talking about the effects we're feeling, here's mine: bodyweight is back down to 170 from 175--without any conscious effort to limit calories!

This morning I set a 12.5# power clean PR with 222.5# Metcon also seems to be improving.

Melissa, thanks for your post on why cocoa powder is missing the point now. While I haven't really been doing the "bananas/dates/coconut/cocoa" thing, I think you explained that well. The point of this 30 days is to follow the spirit of the Paleo diet, not just the letter.

Re: your point #4, "some fruit". In your opinion, does this mean "some" in the sense of quantity or in the sense of type? As in "eat only a modest quantity of fruit" or "eat only some types of fruit" (e.g. stay away from high GI fruit like bananas, raisins, pineapple).

Love for all,
Jake B

sarah said...

i just joined crossfit boston 2 months ago and i love it. only rock climbing makes me feel better. now that i'm getting stronger and fitter, i want to take care of my body more than ever.
so, i'm up for the challenge. my 30 days starts today!

Elizabeth said...

Here is a website I found that sells ALL NATURAL nut butters. I emailed them to be sure and they responded the only ingredient is 100% of the nut or seed. no sugar or fantsy fake sugars.

I didn't ask about the products w/ orange or cherry in them.

Oh, what have I done? said...

I'm on day 6, and while I feel ok, no major changes, my hubby said to me while I was up on a ladder "wow, Sweetie, your legs look ripped." He got a little treat later on for that!!! And I got confirmation that something good is happening. Pretty easy so far, as long as I remember to snack on something proteinaceous instead of just fruit.

Melicious said...

Proteinaceous! That's awesome.

I just posted a blog update... all about cheating. Give it a read; leave me comments.

Tyler said...

LARABAR dilemma....LARABARS got the OK, but what about the Chocolate Coconut Chew or Cocoa Mole LARABARS? Yay or Nay? I would assume Nay but wanted to verify!!

Samantha said...

Today is day 15. Today I gave up sunbutter.

Melicious said...

Sunbutter lovers: don't despair. Not all sunbutter includes sugar.

Here are links to organic sunbutter that contains only sunflower seeds. Go ahead, treat yourself! prices range from $5-ish to $9-ish per jar -- plus one place you can buy by the case!

Amy said...

I say NAY on the Larabars containting cocoa powder or any other "extracts of chocolate" if you know what I mean. I think what Melissa stated was that they are OUT for this 30 day exercise, but in your day-to-day consumption afterward would be ok.

Peachy said...

I'm a lurker here. I can't do this challenge for various reasons, but kudos to all of you for a phenomenal job so far. And to Melissa for getting this going to begin with. I made this stew over the weekend and it was so delish that I wanted to share. This yeilded me a good sized batch.

In 2 tbsp of olive oil, saute garlic (as much as you like), onions, and some ginger. Then add all sorts of vegetables chopped into 1" chunks. I had cauliflower, sweet potato, carrots, green pepper, mushrooms, tomatoes. Once the vegetables are all mixed well together (about 5 minutes), add 1 can of coconut milk and 1 can of water (just rinse out the milk in the can and pour it in). Mix it all well and then add salt, pepper and any other seasoning you like. I added turmeric, red chili powder and asofetida. Let the coconut milk and spices soak into the vegetables and you'll be left with a stew and some gravy. I just a couple fo bowls of this plain.

I'm vegetarian so I didn't add any meat. But I think it should still work with poultry.

Keep it up!

winnipeglove said...

It's day 14 for me and MB is right about the shininess of the Paleo challenge wearing off. I feel great, but I've been craving sweet things a lot these past few days. I've supplemented with dried cranberries and a few dates. However, I've definitely been eating too many of those and almonds and I feel like I'm using them as a crutch.

I did manage to avoid any temptations all weekend. I baked for the family and didn't not have a single chocolate chip or a taste of the batter. I went for dessert with friends and I drank water and had a salad with chicken.

I'm almost glad it's the weekday because there are less obstacles, hehe.

winnipeglove said...

Edit: There was a double negative. I mean, I did not have a single chocolate chip or a taste of the batter.

winnipeglove said...

This post is connected to the previous post I made. So, I've been having crazy sugar/snack urges. What should I do to suppress them without eating too many dried fruits, Larabars, and other carb/sugar dense things.

I need help!

It's odd because the past two weeks I was fine and I was doing well and not thinking about heavy snacking or sugar (my two vices). Now, I can't shut my brain to stop screaming for MORE SUGAR.

Charity said...

I started a FitDay journal and I think it was a huge mistake. I've been super good about eating Paleo and I wanted to track to make sure I wasn't too heavy handed with the fruit. During this process, I filled out my profile and found out they put my total calories burned at something like 2577. Without my Crossfit workouts even included. So now I'm thinking, I am seriously under eating but I've always been told to keep my calorie count around 1100 a day to lose weight. I finished today off at about 1900 but everything I've ever been told is causing me distress. Anyone ever dealt with this?

Melissa Byers said...

Crap. I had a typo in the first comment. I hate typos.

@Winnipeglove: It happens. And I am not at all surprised. The key now is NOT to swap the Snickers bar for dried fruit or Larabars. Your brain won't know the difference. It will just think, "Crave sugar, get something sweet." And the cycle will never, ever end that way.

When you get those cravings, first, drink a big glass of water. Then, skip the fruit and eat FAT. Grab a handful of nuts, sprinkle some lemon and sea salt over an avocado or eat a handful of olives. Fat satiates. It tells your brain that you're full, satisfied. That feeling will last longer than if you resorted to a quick fix like dried cranberries. OR... snack on something crunchy like carrots or sugar snap peas. You can mindlessly hoover those, enjoy the crunch and perhaps keep your mind off the sugar.

@Chastity: I don't know where you got the idea that 1,100 is a perfectly reasonable amount of calories, but I assure you, it is not. That's not enough to sustain a 12 year old girl, never mind a full grown CrossFitter.

FitDay is a great tool to track intake, figure out how much your portions really amount to and see if your macronutrients are balancing out the way you want them to. And some people may be further along than others, and may want to start tweaking their carb grams, or upping their fat ratios. MOST of you, however, are not there yet. You've got bigger picture items to wrap your heads around. For you, this 30 day period is supposed to put you back in touch with your body. You've become disassociated with what it needs, because you're too focused on what some calculation tells you it needs. YOUR BODY KNOWS BEST. So listen to it. Give it what you intuitively know it needs. Don't bother trying to estimate how many calories you burn a day. IT DOESN'T MATTER. Just do what I tell you. Don't over-complicate it.

Eat the things I told you to eat, the way I told you to eat them. Don't eat the things I told you not to eat. Eat when you're hungry. Stop when you're full. If your energy is lagging, eat more fat. If your workouts are rockin', your sleep is good and you feel great all day long, keep doing EXACTLY what you're doing. That is all you need to worry about right now.


Barbara said...

Winnie..low levels of Magnesium can also make you CRAVE sugar. I had no idea mine were out of wack until I tried a few things.

Food for thought...literally.

kimmitri said...

ate more fat today on Moxy-Boss's advice and feel pretty good. i ran it through fitday and i'm up around 1800 which i think sounds way better than what i was eating the last few weeks. i also watched the fruit and cut it about in half. only had a nectarine, about 1 c cherries, 1/2 larabar and about 1/2 c strawberries. that's a LOT less than what i've been eating. i have more energy than the last few days when i wasn't eating as much, so that was fabulous. thanks for the help - my workout was excellent tonight!

David X said...

Hey all. I went shopping yesterday and tried out a couple of the recipes that people were mentioning. I also started implementing coconut oil in my cooking this morning with tasty results.

Melicious, you were right about that homemade sauce. I poured it over some eggplant but if I had more time I would have grilled the eggplant. Question: I plucked the basil leaves and threw them in the pan. Is there a better method? How much do I actually use. I love it so I wAs pretty liberal with it.

Yesterday I also saw that the local Wegmans I shop at had larabars but they were too reminicent of candy bars so I placed it back on the shelf.

I came to an interesting conclusion today while I was discussing this 30 day paleo "challenge" with my wife. She asked me if I was going to relax my diet after the month was up and after thinking about it for a second I came to the realization that this has evolved into my lifestyle and not just a fad or some brief exercise in self-control, but an honest to god change in my relationship with food. As queer as that sounds, I really don't think I can go back nor do I really want to. This past weekend proved that I can withstand scutiny and peer pressure by others without caving into it and I'm all the better for it.

Melicious said...

Hey, David X. Glad you like the sauce. I just eyeball the basil and throw in a handful of leaves, 'cause I like it a lot, too. I usually "chiffonade" the leaves... pluck them from the stems, stack them on top of each other, then roll them into a cigar shape. Cut the cigar into very thin slices and voila! slivers of basil.

Congrats on deciding to continue after the 30 days. What's REALLY fun is eating this way almost all the time, then allowing yourself an occasional indulgence: a cold beer with friends, a few bites of dessert. Little stuff like that doesn't knock you off the train, once you've committed to the 30 day clean up. Good on you!

Mindy said...

ugh... why is dinner so hard for me??? as soon as I get home from work I make my dinner but I am never satisfied and start eating more and more and more.... I think a lot of it is eating out of boredom/wanting to munch on something while relaxin and its so frustrating cuz I do really well during the day then screw it all up at dinner!! i just ate a lot of fat like Byers suggested, I just hope I didn't overdo it. sorry everyone... I just had to vent.

anyone have any thoughts about cracklings/pork rinds? I read about them on son of groks blog and I found some at the grocery store and the ingredients are pork rind & salt or cracklings & salt. Are these paleo? I think they are, but am not 100% sure. Thanks!

hmm... I just had a thought... maybe I'm not eating enough throughout the day which is why I'm so hungry at night??

I think I'm just addicted to food/eating haha.

Happy Paleo all!

nadia said...


made a great dish with that tonight, with a stock of massaman curry sauce that I've mixed up.

Here's the recipe:

Curry Paste:

* 3 shallots, sliced
* 5 cloves garlic, peeled
* 1 thumb-size piece ginger, peeled and sliced
* 2 stalks lemongrass, outer leaves and bulb removed, then sliced thinly
* 1/2 can coconut milk (or more)
* spices: you can freshly grind these yourself, or just use 3 Tbsp Garam masala, which has roughly the same ingredients
* 1 Tbsp. coriander seeds, ground (grind them yourself in a coffee grinder, or use a pestle & mortar)
* 1 Tbsp. cumin seeds, ground (grind them the same way as the coriander)
* 1/2 tsp. nutmeg, preferably ground from whole nutmeg
* 1/2 tsp. cinnamon
* 1/4 tsp. ground cloves
* 1 tsp. ground cardamon

Put all these in a blender and process well.

To make the curry, I add a few tablespoons of the curry paste to 1 can of coconut milk and cut a sweet potato into it, skin on. Then I simmer it until the sweet potato disintegrates, and add:
*1 tbsp almond butter
*1 tbsp sesame oil
*Handful of basil or coriander leaves
*Chili powder to desires spiciness
pinch of salt, if you need it.

This gets cooked up with whatever meat and veggies are available, so far I've tried summer squash, bamboo shoots, turkey, steak, and ground beef. It's fatty, filling, and the sweet potato adds some body to the curry, along with a subtle sweetness.

Tonight we did eggplant, which I "cooked" by cutting it into long strips, salting them lightly and popping it in the microwave for 5 min. then I dropped them in the curry sauce to finish and absorb some spices.

Robbie said...

Since I posted the original Cocoa question, I will admit that I was going to use to cheat without cheating in a backdoor, CIA sort of way, while absolutely missing the autobus in a big way. Thanks MoxyBoss, I cut my fruit back today too, and felt more stable, dates are addictive like candy, so I left them at home. More brocco did the trick, got my ass handed to me at Crossfit Oshawa today in a metcon. I find I"m not nearly as hungry post WOD these days.

James, I use yoga to unwind, its cliche but true, plus it supports the beatings I give my bod in crossfit. Or I box, which always unwinds me.

Michael said...

Going strong and feeling good. Unfortunately, I've lost a lot of weight.

Here's a vote for setting up a forum. Should be trivial to do.

ontheroad said...

Day 15 in the bag with a 6 mile run.

Cut back on the fruits today had lots of veggies and protein.

I am half way there, and I can honestly say I've stayed 100% clean.

I feel lean and strong.

Go Paleo.....

scott said...

I want to start by saying that I am thankful for MB posting this challenge (& the tough love to quickly kill any excuses) as well as all y'all for your commitment and continuing encouragement. It really is something special to be a witness to inspired people that are changing their lives simply by making wise food choices.

My wife and I are on day 8 and are both struggling a bit and I wanted to ask if anyone else has had similar problems. She has had GI issues most every day (she has had issues in the past, but not with this consistency) and I've had lingering fatigue since the 1/2 IM I did just before starting the challenge. I'm getting plenty of rest and think I'm eating a good balance each day, so not sure how much the fatigue has to do w/ the food.
We were excited about taking on this challenge but our struggles have taken much of the air out of our sails. Any info would be great, thanks!

ps. love all the recipe ideas - it has been great to add much needed variety.

Samantha said...

Dear Melissa Byers,

Just wanted to stop back here and thank you for posting this "clean-up" challenge you have on here. Not only have you inspired hundreds of people across the country to clean up their diets and live a more simple, healthy, organic and "clean" life, but you've given me back that happiness I've had with myself when it comes to food. I don't have to even think about what food to eat. I adore cooking. I love the challenge and the feeling of eating clean. I was tired from a long day and a hard workout (filthy 50s) and the only thing I craved was some tuna and spinach. A few weeks ago that would have been a bowl of dark chocolate, berries, sunbutter and coconut shred (yes, I know not the most evil of demons, but it was a pretty big bowl of fruit/chocolate/sunbutter aka, sugar). I've battled my chocolate demon. Next, the sun butter demon. I honestly don't crave fruits in high extent. Do not crave larabars usually ever. I crave protein and greens. I'm sleeping through the night. My face is clear. No, I haven't lost any weight, or inches (maybe.. I didn't keep track) but I FEEL better. (I'm getting a full physical tomorrow, including a thyroid check due to long term eating disorders in the past that may have something to do with my body composition). I feel better in my workouts... and today PR'd my 50's by 14:28.... 14:28...!! ...and I really want to thank you for this. You've rekindled my love for healthy eating.
I'm going to begin to incorporate intermittent fasting into my part of this challenge... which isn't a challenge to me anymore.. it's more the way I am. So thank you, Mrs. Byers. You've helped me so much via e-mails and lots of tough love. I will still be keeping you posted on whats up... just thought I'd share my gratitude.

<3 =)

-Samantha Aurelio

Ronesshia said...

I just had my first taste of Sunbutter! OMG! I think I've found my substitute for peanut butter! Gonna have a tablespoon on a granny smith tomorrow and see how it tastes. YAY ME!

nadia said...

Samantha: what a great post! I think it echoes all our feelings on here. I also did the filthy 50's tonight, for the first time (I usually do dirty thirtys). I felt dizzy and high afterwards, but also AMAZING!

I think this is the first time my body has felt as good as it did in my early 20's, when I worked on an organic farm and ate over half of my food picked fresh from the field. Had a very different diet then (high in carbs and fat, low in protein), but consumed zero chemical additives and got a ton of exercise out in the fresh air. Every night, as I dragged my muddy, worn out body into bed, I would feel the cells in my body singing to me.

Tonight, they sang again.

Brandon P. Petersen said...

Going well..
My only issue currently is the weight. Prior to starting this weight, I cut weight for a Jiu Jitsu tournament and have had a hard time putting the weight back on this time. it usually comes right back, within few days...
My calories each day since i started have been 3k plus..with most days around id say 3500, one day even hitting 4000. My ratios are approx 50 fat / 30 protein / 20 carbs... I am going to try and climb my calories to approx 4000 per day...just difficult sometimes with work. Eating has become a part time job, HA HA HA

I am starting more of a strength based workout program, along with metcons, and my normal jiu jitsu and mma training. My main goal is 1000lbs+ on Crossfit Total. I want me my weight to be 160-165(max) while doing this. .

again here is my fitday log for today...

i also started a blog, but simply for my workouts, so i can keep track by tags, versus writing them down and trying to search...

Here's to LOTS of Calories, and HEAVY lifting (hopefully) :-)

Brandon P. Petersen said...

I need an dam costco card!!!!!
=) just venting...


bernie said...

Hi all, I’ve been lurking here for a while. I finally joined the challenge, and just completed Day 6. Totally clean, no cheating. I have a question and a comment… first, the question:

I *think* I’m eating to my hunger – though sometimes it’s tricky to distinguish true hunger from anxiety or boredom (something for me to work on). However, I feel… full and bloated, like my tummy is just growing bigger. My weight appears to be inching up, though with only six days of data it’s hard to say for sure. I usually try to watch my calories, and I’m concerned that I’m eating too much. Yet, I see everywhere in the posts, in the comments, and in the other websites mentioned that we should just eat clean and not worry about the calories. I think I’m starting to feel paranoid that all the delicious nuts, avocados, etc. I’ve been eating are going to turn me into a fatty. I’ve been keeping my food journal here:

And, the comment: I have found the 30 day challenge so much easier to stick to than regular old dieting (yes, I know it’s not a diet per se). I think it’s because the rules are the rules. There is no question of whether I will eat something or not. There is no internal bargaining like “Oh, I can just have a little bit.” Good stuff, Byers! And thanks everyone for the great food tips. They are really helping.

Melissa Byers said...

@David X: That is the ENTIRE POINT of this process. And that is exactly what happened to me, too. Those first 30 days made me realize I don't ever want to go back to my "old" way of eating ever again. Why would I, when I was looking, feeling and performing so well? I'm happy to hear that others are having that same experience, and drawing that same conclusion.

@Samantha: Honey, I am SO happy to hear that from you. I know you've been struggling, and I know you were getting pushed around by every piece of nutritional advice on the internet. I'm so proud of you for taking this step, and I could NOT be happier to hear how much better you are feeling. Thanks for sharing, and keep motivating us, inspiring us and making us laugh!

@Mindy: Pork rinds or crackles (with the basic ingredients that you've listed) are A-OK. They do tend to be high in sodium, however, so eat in limited quantities. Also, you are probably not eating enough through the day, which is why you are so hungry at night. :) More fat throughout the day - see if that helps.

@Robbie - Glad to hear things are feeling good... and that you reconsidered your cocoa. Less fruit + more fat = more consistent energy levels. Nice work.

@Scott: The first thing I'd suggest is simply that you're not far enough into the process. I don't know where you came from, but many people don't start seeing the downhill until around 14 days. You may still just be getting through the tough part -your body getting used to this new way of eating. Hang in there, please.

GI issues COULD be a few things. Too much fat is one - has she tracked her intake to get an idea how many grams she is taking in a day? Too many of the wrong fruits and veggies are a more likely culprit. When I OD on grapes, my stomach isn't that happy, and I figured out quickly that I can't eat raw broccoli. Green apples tend to be a good choice for most people, or berries/melon. Try sticking to just those fruits for a few days, and cut out any potential veggie culprits one at a time to see if that helps.

Fatigue, again, is either your body getting used to the new diet, or that you're not eating enough fat. This is why tracking intake for a few days could be helpful for some. You think you're eating a TON of fat, but when you do the math, it's only 50 grams a day. Give it a shot, and again, hang in there.

@Bernie: Unless you are a tiny wood sprite (thanks, Mel, for the inspiration on that one!) you are not eating anywhere NEAR enough. One half of a chicken sausage or one egg plus one egg white is nowhere near enough protein for any one meal. And snacks of mostly fruit and some fat aren't going to keep you satisfied.

I suspect you are actually making yourself stressed by eating better food, but in really restricted quantities. You need more protein, first and foremost. I don't know your stats, but 2-3 whole eggs or chicken sausage at a time seems FAR more reasonable. Try sticking with protein and fats for your snacks, with a little fruit thrown in for sweetness. And 3 macadamia nuts at a time is NOT ENOUGH FAT. Just grab a handful and munch!

I suspect your desire to control your quantity is what is, in fact, making you feel bloated and heavier. You are, in essence, doing the exact opposite of your intentions. Relax, and please just eat. More.

bernie said...

Thanks for the thoughts, Melissa! Actually, I am kind of tiny wood sprite (5’2”, 107lbs on a heavy day, body fat). But, I don’t suppose those stats change the spirit of your comments… so, although what you say seems like heresy to me, I’m going to obey. Currently eating for breakfast: a pile of cooked spinach, 2/3 of a bell pepper, a bit of cucumber, two little homemade sausages (thank you to whoever posted that recipe… it’s the best!), and a fat slice of avocado.

Brandon P. Petersen said...


I was trying to share Byers blog and 30 day challenge with a few friends...few of which are females and are very petite. . . I have them all logging fit day and it was the same thing across the board. They were staring at the ratios on the bottom (pie chart)...but there total calories were like 800!!! I finally said screw the ratios, and EAT!!! You think your eating a lot, but once you calculate it, you see it's not much at all. Fitday is a genius tool, and really will set you straight on where you currently are. Judging by you meals above, i'd say you were lucky if you were hitting 1000 calories...If your eating this little, i'd say your ratios dont matter, your simply not eating enough. eat eat eat like Byers said, and you will get your results!!!
Hell, i have been eating 3500 calories a day, and am having a TOUGH time putting the weight on that i want!!!
The concept of eating MORE, and MUCH MORE Fat can be very difficult. I simply listened to Melissa (and wish i did a long time ago), and I am already seeing the results...

bernie said...

Hey Brandon, I do food logging at, and I can easily hit 1,800, 2,000 or more. The more would be on days when I eat all the nuts I want, for example. Before Byers removed the scales from my eyes, I was trying to net out at 1,400 which I found to be a challenge, but which also produces weight loss for me. Man, if I ate only 1,000 calories, I would fall down dead in my tracks.

Wow, I went from lurker to Post McPoster. Still, thanks for your thoughts!

Adam Kayce said...

Re: the David-X/Moxy-Boss transformation, aka "long-term change" - exactly. When these 30 days are up, I'm going 100% Primal. Which, of course, is pretty much the same as what I'm doing now, with perhaps a tiny bit of wiggle room, but only in healthy directions. I feel much better, more even-keeled, and healthy—just straight up healthy—that I can't imagine going back to having occasional binges of nasty foods. Why, y'know?

@ James - I'm kinda surprised that Moxy-Boss hasn't handed you your ass yet... "It's not professionally feasible to not have a drink"? Sorry, man, but tough love is coming your way: Who are you kidding? YOU are in control of your life, man. Not your clients.

And yes, I walk my talk on this one. I made it through college fraternity life without drinking, not to mention every kind of social situation from weddings to company parties, etc. IT'S A CHOICE. Your choice. If you want to make it, then make it. But don't blame your clients, or the status quo, or societal norms, if you don't.

I'm just saying this because I care. You may not think you're capable of it, but you are. You can. You can do this, if you want to. All the people here who are changing their habits and their lives are shining examples for you, if you want them.

Will said...


I'll take that 30 day challenge.
I've been eating Paleo-ish/Zone what I thought was badly (I ate a huge freaking cupcake that crashed my productivity for a whole day), but the lbs have been flying off. I'm getting such enjoyment out of eating right and going to the gym and crushing it every day! I did a dance when I saw the WOD was deadlifts.

Im glad I finally posted in the comments.

Melicious said...

Bernie! So fun to see you here. Listen to the Moxy-Boss... she's a smart cookie (Dang! We need a replacement for that phrase... Smart Almond?!)

Good! Listen to Moxy-Boss, she's a smart almond. I know you haven't seen me in person lately, but I'm looking goooooood. (HA!)

Brandon --> Let's make a deal. We'll trade metabolisms for a week. I'll lose like mad and send it to you, and you can pack it back on. Sound good? I'm SO jealous. 3000+ calories AND you're dropping weight.

That's, like, my dream come true.

LoriF said...

I am also digging this challenge, having started it last week. Even gave up cream & splenda in my coffee - what has happened to me?

Got a question though - anyone have any thougths on SoyMilk [unsweetened, of course!] and edamame? Are they IN or OUT?

Do advise... I hate the thought of inadvertently undermining all this hardwork - or said another way, drinking black coffee for nothing!

Chelsea said...

LoriF - since there are SO many comments to read back through, I'll getcha on this one, but definitely do try and go back to read some of them. It will answer most of your questions and we won't have to repeat ourselves.

Anything soy is OUT. No soy beans, no soy products. Try coconut milk in your coffee. I'm liking it!

nadia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brandon P. Petersen said...


Deal! :-)
ya... i dont have crazy genetics or anything. . . I ate 3500 yesterday, and should be there today, if not higher. And just maintaining my weight right now (which is low, and hasnt gone up since my last weight cut). .

I use to still eat pretty clean, but did drink whole milk, ate Cheese, and some Grains (wraps, oatmeal). . . But i feel as though i am eating a TON more now, which is weird. I should have kept track before, to see where i was at.
I am def dropping body fat %, but not really a goal of mine. More so just want to keep my weight consistent, strength, and build off that. . .
We shall see. . .

Bottom line...the thing i love the most about all this, is knowing i can change my body from week to week how i choose.

One day, i'd like to experiment with IF...but not sure when that day will come...

Melicious said...

Brandon, I know you're a big Jiu Jitsu badass, but comments like this one -- "I am def dropping body fat %, but not really a goal of mine." -- make me want to put on my skates and take your ass out with a big ol' body block... in the most loving way possible, of course ;-)

One of the really educational things for me through all of this is learning everyone's different habits, experiences, results, and struggles. Neat!

Alexis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robbie said...

Welcome to all the newbies in the house, keep the chin high, the meat and veggies cooked and ready to go and you'll be just fine.

Had a brocco, tomato and chicken omelette with a half a peach for brekky, happy belly, happy Robbie.

Kat said...

some one said my face looked "skinny" today!! Asked how I did it......LOL....I told them to google paleo.
Pants are falling off. Have only "lost" 4-5 lbs but I never count that since I've been losing and gaining the same weight for 3 years. The difference this time is all those sexy crossfit muscles are starting to show :)

Found pork sausage without any nitrites (only garlic salt). That's ok? right??

I've upped the fat and decreased the fruit too....huge difference.


Davie said...

Melissa - I Had a Coach Burgener Oly cert in Ireland over the weekend and you would have been so proud of Guinness!

The only thing I had was a chinese meal, but tried to stick to meat and veg but the MSG and other crp that was in it killed my stomach the next day. i also had 1 diet cola in the pub on Saturday, but got back on the paleo wagon on Sunday

Mindy said...

Hi Melissa!

Thank you for replying to my "ventfest"!!! I have kicked up the fats today and I KNOW its gonna help!!! Thanks!!

Hey Bernie!!! I'm soo glad your posting now!!! Can't wait for our jump-rope WOD this weekend!!!

I am telling everyone how AWESOME paleo is!!! I love what Brandon said.. "Bottom line...the thing i love the most about all this, is knowing i can change my body from week to week how i choose." This is soo true and I've realized it too and its soo empowering!!!

I'm still trying to stop being a "fat-phobic." I think I need to log online. What site do yall recommend? I measure my proteins and most carbs, but haven't really been measuring my fat intake. I just really wonder where the line is.. what is TOO much fat? One of my goals is to lose weight, so I don't want to gain weight by overeating good fats. It seems this is a concern for many of us. I also noticed that almost all paleo recipes have TONS of fat... I guess I am having issues processing how that much fat can be eaten and not cause weight gain.
But it all goes back to Ms. Byers... I'm just gonna do what she says and be happy!!!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!!!

Carla said...

I made it through the weekend in Mexico! There is definitely a lot of meat available in Mexico. I had no problems there… However, I barely got any veggies and NO fish. I feel like crap today. Too much red meat… I just had a huge salad with lots of veggies and chicken for lunch and I’m planning on making salmon and veggies tonight.

One thing I thought was cool though… Part of the “meal” they served us on the return Continental flight was grass fed beef jerky! Grass fed!! I didn’t eat it because there was sugar added but hey, it’s a start!

Day 14!

Samad3 said...

Another lurker here :) I haven't been too productive at work the past couple of days while trying to catch up on all of these posts/comments!

I have a few questions...First, what type of coconut milk is best? I bought some in our natural grocers that came in a carton in the refrigerated section, but it only has 5g of fat per cup. Is the stuff in the can a lot different?

Also, what is the take on Advocare products and Paleo. Is Spark okay to drink? My guess would be no because of the ingredients...

Soulrich said...

Melicious, You just made me spit out my water laughing. In regards to Brandon... try having him live 20 minutes away and watching your fitday. I have threatened to murder him in cold blood several times today alone. What makes me mad he is keeps being right... stupid mentors..... hahahahahaha
He burns calories sitting still with his energy level.
My major issue for the 3rd week straight is I just can't seem to eat enough calories and that SHOCKS me. I am trying not to sit there and eat nuts by the pound but I am so full right now and I am barely at 1K calories (and Brandon is yelling at me right now on IM I can see it blinking). I am in San Antonio on business all next week so I am trying to get this figured out so I can bring alot of my food with me. Fingers crossed.....

Melicious said...

New recipe on my blog: Sunshine Sauce.

Robbie said...

Samad3:My favee coco milk is the red can with a rooster and mostly Thai writing. As for Advocare, I just took one a look at the site and I'm going to say no. For the most part, if you have to ask, it's a no.

Adam Kayce said...

Coconut milks: I like Thai Kitchen, although it's got Guar gum in it, right? Don't know how cool that is, but... I also like (and use mostly) Native Forest brand. (Whole Foods has a 365 label, too.) I avoid the kinds that are "lite", because that just means it has been watered down. Since they tend to cost about the same, water it down yourself if you want.

You guys are talking so much about Sunbutter, I'm going to have to try to get my hands on some. If only to try Melicious' Sunshine Sauce, if nothing else!

@ LoriF : Soy is a legume, so it's out. Don't get me started on how bad it is for you. (No, really; don't.)

@ Melicious, you crack me up. I'm referring to the body block comment, mostly, of course. And yeah, if you need help taking him down, let me know. (Doubt you do, but I'm here to help...)

@ Mindy : when it comes to logging, I have a hard time using any system out there that requires amounts/measurements/etc. - for one, I'm just not interested in counting calories, and two, I tend to bump up against their restrictions, and it stops being fun for me. That said, I log my workouts and nutrition using a specialized WordPress setup... you can check it out at , if you want.

I was weighing/measuring Zone for a while, so I know my proportions, which is why you won't see them there.

Melicious said...

Adam... if I need help?

Pfffttt. I don't need help when I've got my wheels on! ;-)

Melicious said...

Don't know how to get your veggies into your life? The New York Times published 101 simple salads today. You can monkey around with almost all of them to make them fit our Picky-Eaters Club.

NOW how you are going to say you can't get enough veggies into your meals?!

Kate said...

Here is a good motivating recipe. I love it recipe because it is "normal" yet it is paleo and zone friendly! Most people don't eat a lot of fennel, so it gets this different vegetable into your diet.

Kat said...

Deadlift 155 in May...... 205 today!!
told some people at my gym about paleo :)
Everyone wants to try it! Of course I sent them here ;;)

ontheroad said...

Day 16 here! Woot Woot!

Cravings have stopped. Proud of myself for not having a Larabar today. Stuck with the fresh side of things.

Ate some Almond butter but i have to say i am not a fan.

I am getting very lean, and I am happy to say that all my "small" suits are fitting very well.

Out on the streets of Manhattan tomorrow which is always hard.
Everyone is drinking ice coffees and are shaking the ice in their cups.
Will have to pack my bag well tomorrow.

Brandon P. Petersen said...


I love you...
Now let's see if I will actually eat them (veggies)


David X said...

While I was reading some posts on Melicious's site, I took the "How Paleo Are You?" quiz. I scored a perfect 24 of 24 points which put me just .00000000009 of a chromosome higher than Bubbles on the evolutionary scale, but the answers seemed perfectly logical to me, particularly the one about eating the neighbor's cat. Maybe I am getting a little to Paleo for my own good I've started growing a beard in the last 16 days as well as warding off my competition with an ostrich femur.

Leya said...

Day 22. Still going while on holiday. Am not counting the one bite of cheese filled omelet accidentally consumed before realization that restaurant had included said dairy product within the confines of my eggy goodness. Can I say that I have now successfully determined I likely have a dairy intolerance...

Aside from the one upset, things have been going fairly well, even when not in compete control of the menu while not at home. At this point, it's not really difficult passing on foods that aren't included in this 30 day experiment, which is very cool because it always used to feel really hard before.

Brad said...

Ive only just started this challenge not long ago so I'm only up to week 2 at the moment. That being said I feel GREAT!

Ive zoned for a while and thought i was feeling good then so i'm astonished at how good i feel now!
I actually have the flu at the moment aswell- yet i still feel on top of the world. My energy levels are up, im managing a 4am start everyday AND 5 CrossFit sessions a week! Usually when i get sick i can barely get out of bed! And the only thing i can put that down to is Paleo!

The only thing i seem to be struggling with is breakfasts. Does anyone have any good ideas for breakfasts? Other than eggs etc?

Jumping Queen said...

I finally did it. I created my own google account. Yesterday, I typed/posted two long comments and they never showed up so I thought perhaps the moxy-boss was dishing tough love and banned me from comments until I stopped using my sons acct and created my own.

I was previously Jake/Angie. My new screen name is Jumping Queen because as the name implies, I LOVE to jump rope. I couldn't think of another cool, clever, and creative jump rope girl name that was as cool as the rollergirl names :O)

David X said...

Here's a new Paleo related article on the effects of a Paleo diet on mood disorders, namely depression.

Oh, what have I done? said...

I like reading all the positive comments. That said, I am going to write a bummer comment. I know I have to be patient as I am only a week in, but my WODS are suffering! That is such a huge monkey wrench I can't stand it! Deadlifting yesterday sucked....after many fails I finally clawed my way back to 10 pounds under my max, but I jus' had nuthin. And I had to walk a few times during the 5K. FRICKIN FRACK! And to top it off, I have zero appetite and have to force feed. I need some tough love I think, to convince me to stay the course, because tinkering with my one positive light in my day (my WODS) may cause me to turn into a wild animal instead of just eating them. I am also not sleeping at all and having really awful nightmares. Anyone got something for me?
oh, and 'feel my cells singing' - I love that!!!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Paleo Wednesday to everyone. I’m cold chilling like a Paleo villain today
Today is day 7 for me. feeling great. loving coco-coff.
I did eat some sunbutter last night. i got a promotion at work, this is my 5th week at the new location and about 20 min longer drive. i've been feeling totally exhausted and almost cracked last night and had a little breakdown. i was able to talk myself through it as the tears rolled down I allowed myself some sunbutter (sounds so pathetic doesn’t it?). i got a full 7 hours and i'm feeling stronger. I know my body just needs time to adjust but when I’m so exhausted and overwhelmed that I can’t even workout it really starts to bother me. I feel like the forces of the universe don’t want me to reach my fitness goals, BUT I WON’T ALLOW IT. Yes I realize that I need more sleep and trust me I want more sleep but for the time being it’s just not feasible. It’s a struggle managing to get in bed by ten. 930 would be a dream come true. If I stay positive then positive things will happen. I’ll find a way to manage everything and get my regular workout’s in. 
time constraints haven't allowed me to try out the egg plant recipe Moxy-Boss posted but hopefully tonight that will happen. And I’ll try to look through the other recipes posted on my lunch break.
Have a great Paleo day, sorry for the venting.

Soulrich said...

Ok, quick question for everyone and (and I may have posted before or that may have been a dream) interestingly enough it sort of has to do with the link posted about depressesion due to food allergies. I ate prior to this challenge... "ok". Lots of fruit,veggies, and protein, but not great aka ate out alot. I feel as I progress on this way of eating, my body feels great and healthy, clean, light, but is anyone else fighting wicked moods? I keep going back to what someone posted prior and maybe it is my cells releasing but MAN I am such a calm happy person and I am just on a roller coaster of emotions. I am either HAPPY through the roof, depressed (crying in my tbsp of sunbutter), or angry want to hurt someone. Is ANYONE else experiencing major mood swings?? I am starting to be afraid of my cells :) hahhaha. I am upping my calories so maybe it was my calories were too low as well.

nadia said...

@Oh, what have I done?

here's some tough love for you: If you don't want to do this, don't do it. Melissa already gave you tough love for not staying the course, and you didn't want to hear it. Like she said, it's not that effing hard.

mie said...

i can't believe we are 2/3 through with the 30 days. it hasn't gotten harder or easier, but i can tell that it's starting to feel like my normal lifestyle instead of a "challenge".

Oh what have I done, I wouldn't worry too bad about DLing 10# below your max. I don't know what you DL, but let's say your max is 200. DLing 190 is still 5% within in your max. I think my first week of WODs kind of sucked, but after my second week, I am PRing everything (Fran, Diane, Cindy- we happened to have all these named wods in the past 2 weeks at the gym). I wouldn't blame paleo for a few days of bad/so-so performance, esp if you've only been doing this for a week. Everyone has a bad week every now and then. Not getting enough sleep probably have something to do with it too. Sorry, I have nothing for you in terms of how to improve your sleep or your wods, but to say stay strong for 3 more weeks!!!

Carla said...

@Oh, what have I done?

You can do it! 3 more weeks if nothing if you look at how long you have been eating bad.

I had zero appetite when I originally switched from a really bad diet to mostly paleo a year ago. It WILL get easier. Try to take naps if you need that extra rest. Your body will adjust.

Melissa Byers said...

@Oh, What Have I Done: You will never adjust, and things will never change, if you keep nibbling on chocolate and cream while insisting it "doesn't count".

It counts.

Get through an HONEST 14 days and then we'll talk.

Brandon P. Petersen said...


scott said...

@Oh what have I done - I am my 2nd week and have had problems w/ low energy issues and my wod's have suffered as well. I know how frustrating that is, especially when I have big races coming up soon. My advice is to not worry about performance so much during this transition, particularly the first few weeks. While PR's are cool and invigorating, it's still about the lifestyle and enjoying overall fitness. I am trying to use this time to work on skills/goats as well as introducing a few friends to CF. Going at an lighter intensity gives my body a break for a short time and I can simply enjoy the process of learning movements and getting others involved.

@soulrich - I haven't had major mood swings, but I have been "moody" a lot over the first 10 days. I have tried to add more fruit at times I feel really low to see if that helps (I wasn't eating much before). Let us know what you have tried...

I am also loving the coconut milk in coffee and chilled w/ fruit (thx melicious). Also roasted some almonds last night w/ a little olive oil and cinnamon, it really brought out the flavor, super tasty...

Melicious said...

Scott! Almonds + olive oil + cinnamon... dude. I'm ON that tonight. YUM.

Will K. said...

ok, so now I'm convinced that a non-nutrition demon lives at FT Bragg. I get to class last night and what is waiting for us...Yes folks it's a GIANT CHOCOLATE CAKE!!! The class who use the room before us left it because yes in fact they happened to bring 2 cakes on this particular day (they have something like a cake or a giant cookie etc almost every day). I spent 5 hours of class last night fighting my urge to devour the thing like a lion on a limping wildebeast. I managed to stay strong...but seriously man, leaving me sitting there with my bags of mixed nuts and packet of beef jerky. I survived...then I went and ran 5k at 10:30 at night. Argh. still paleo-strong though.

Tracy said...

Day 12 I think?
Yesterday I tried the cold coconut milk with berries, YUM - thanks Melicious.
Today I had the 'ice cream' – Thanks for the recipe Robbie!! I modified it slightly as I do not like shreds of coconut (texture mind issues). I put in Almond butter instead and combined banana and pineapple. It was pretty good but a little tart for me. No pineapple next time I think. Although I kept thinking of the pineapple freezer squares my mom makes, I’ve realized she must add a lot of sugar… Maybe orange would make it like an orange-creamsicle, hmmmm.
I am really proud of myself today. Instead of a regular cake they had brought a cheesecake in. Cake smake, but a cheese cake!! I love cheesecake, I love making cheesecake… It threw me off but I made it through. I sat right next to that thing and only looked at it briefly. Not only that but I was sharing the ice cream and recipe with a few of the healthy peeps in the office.
In reading through some of the posts I saw a question on soy milk. I am certain this is not on the Paleo list. BUT even if it was you should read up on soy at and the Genetic modification section. I recognize Wikipedia is not exactly the best source of the truth but I’m certain the stats are not very far off. Having previously worked for a Chemical company where we had an agriculture and nutrition division, I switched to only organic soy about 6 years ago. And I am happy to be soy free in my Paleo quest. I feel the same way about Canola oil. I’m shocked that it is on the Paleo website as being okay as most of it is genetically modified. SO for all you people that are using canola you should be using organic. Personally I don’t need any additional hormones but I don’t think any of you want them either 
Congrats to everyone for getting this far!

Elizabeth said...

Has anyone here ever ate Dandelions? how are they? where die you get them? the park?

Robbie said...

Way to dig in and stay strong Tracy, cheesecake is a tough one. I had a client bring me an "All Natural Protein Bar" this morn at 630am...I've had it before and it's pretty much a mouth orgasm...but I said thank you and passed it off, even though a nice chunk of granola and sugar would have nice at that time of day. My fruit cut down is going very well..veggies and fat up..protein is never a prob. I think I'm really catching onto the whole idea of this, which is fairly late in the 30 days, but I see this as something completely sustainable which is exciting, because things can only get better! Love you all for being here with me!

Tyler said...

Day 6 and doing well. Today I am eating walnuts because the only fat I have been getting is from meat & olive oil used for cooking. I feel nauseous, is this normal for upping the fat? I also bought olives and cashew butter to add in to my diet.

Mindy said...

Just had a great lunch with my colleagues and wanted to share my story!! so they wanted to go to PF Chang's and I don't like to make things complicated so I said 'okay!!' I went to the kitchen and got my 3oz turkey burger and ate it along with some almond slices right before we left the office for lunch. I ordered the chicken wraps and ONLY ATE THE LETTUCE!!! AND WHAAAAT!! Noone even seemed to notice!!! BOOO YAAA!!! (yea middle schoolish language haha) Anyways, I FEEL AMAZING!!!! and it just goes to show that there are NO EXCUSES!! It is all our CHOICE!!! I do feel a lil "smugness" comin along... LOL. and the lettuce was delicious and refreshing!! Hope everyone is having a great day!!!!

Oh, what have I done? said...

Thanks Mie and Carla for the positivity.
I think I read a post somewhere where Melissa wrote something about how she would never sacrifice her heavy lifting for a food other words, if her lifting sucked the 'diet' would go. I guess I am looking for a bit of reassurance that my strength will not disappear, and my new healthier skinnier self will be able to still rip 285 off the ground like my fatter sugar fueled self. Mie - you wrote it best , thanks. I'll be patient.
Moxy -Boss - the tough love is good, yes I had one cheat on a date with my hubby that only comes once every friggin 8 months, but I do not eat shit like Lara bars (just a candy bar sub for chrissakes) or pork rinds (gross) or even excess amounts of shredded cocnut dolled up into some dessert-y thing. I will keep following your advice here - meats nuts and seeds vegetables upon vegetables and some fruit. Since my dinner date, I have been pure as the driven snow, and will keep on for 30 days. I hate the implication made that I am ignoring your advice. Not so, but I aint' skeered. Although, I am scared of my DL never returning to the hard earned level it once was.Everyone keeps talking about PR's with paleo.....we shall see.

Melissa Byers said...

I'm a little bit pissed off right now.

You got my quote a wrong. I would never sacrifice my lifts for a specific level of LEANNESS. Meaning, if I have to choose between a six pack and a bodyweight clean, I'm kissing the abs goodbye. Which is why I'm trying to get a little bit chubby right now - it's doing good things for my numbers.

I'm doing that, however, on good, clean food. There is never, ever going to be a reason for me to abandon this food plan. If my lifts are suffering, it is not Paleo's fault. It's because I'm not eating enough, or sleeping enough, or I've been training too much. Period.

Don't call my Larabars "shit". Or candy. They are neither. You don't get to talk smack about someone else's perfectly acceptable food choices until you can get through 30 full days yourself.

Oh, what have I done? said...

Kale chips were mentioned before. I love 'em, but doesnt baking the crap out of kale until it is crispy remove every last vitamin and mineral in it? Granted crispy kale is way easier for me to eat than boiled or steam wilted - its a texture thing I guess.
Skills and Drills here I come - thanks Scott. I am trying to allow the intensity to lull, but I did cry after my piss poor DL performance yesterday. consoled myself with a fistful of macadamias.

Oh, what have I done? said...

Ok Ok sorry. I'm with you, Moxy Boss. I'm totally with you, not against anything you've said. I am totally trying here, and having hard times, but I am true. I think if I thin out my lifts will fail too, and we share that fear....I'm learning here and may be a bit slow, but am very appreciative.

Oh, what have I done? said...

And anything wrapped in my fat little fist brings up bad memories of binges on candy bars, so to me, Lara Bars are candy until I can eat one and no more in one sitting. Didn't someone else say something about Lara bars reminding them too much of badness too?

Melissa Byers said...

OKAY. We're back on track here. Your Larabar-feeling-like-a-candybar makes total sense, and good for you for identifying that, and staying away.

I said it's not that hard... but there are hard times. And when things get worse before they get better, it can be tough to see it through. All I'm asking for is a little bit of trust. Thirty days of trust. The worst that's going to happen is... nothing. You feel no better, you feel no worse, you don't improve, you don't decline... you just end up where you were when you started. But the BEST things that could happen... those are SO worth the 30 days. As most of these people who are a week or two ahead of you in the process can attest to.

Hang in there. Two weeks was when things really started clicking for me. Two weeks, and THEN my performance started to improve, and my body comp started to shift, and I started to really feel GOOD. Two weeks. Be patient.

Brandon P. Petersen said...

I love the fact that Larabar's remind of me BAD food =) It allows me to shovel these babies in all day and not feel bad HA HA HA

Now the question for Melicious you have some sort of meal that will allow me to consume approx 4500-5000 calories by itself, in one sitting? That would be just fantastic :-)


Oh, what have I done? said...

Ok, I'm on it.

My mama named me Melissa, but you can call me Melicious said...

Brandon! I'm so gonna figure that shit out.

I will!

The corporate overlords are, like, expecting me to actually, ya know, WORK today. The nerve!

But I'm making it my personal mission to figure out a 4000 calorie meal that you can actually consume in one sitting. Get ready, brother!

Brandon P. Petersen said...

PS - i am pretty picky with my foods, i technically eat the same things each day etc..Not much can see on my fitday! :-)

You make it, i'll eat it; and video tape that shizzle as well :-)
As long as there aren't some health malfunctions that will occur LOL

My breakfast today was 1009 calories. Trying to have my breakfast each day at 1k+...This up'n the calories thing is tough! HA HA HA

nadia said...


I'm no expert, but have you thought about just pouring coconut oil all over your food? my husband does that and loves it, it's certainly a low-volume way to get a lot of calories in...dunno if the fat ratio becomes intolerable at some point tho.

Brandon P. Petersen said...


NO i have NOT!
I've reverted to EVOO shots a few times (YUK!!!)

Coconut Oil huh? Assuming this has a Coconut taste to it, or is the flavor/taste overpowered by the "meal"?

Brandon P. Petersen said...

^ and i was not yelling, LOL . Sorry for the caps. After re-reading, it almost seems like I am yelling at you for your suggestion HA HA HA

nadia said...

LOL, you can yell at me if you want :D coconut oil has a subtle flavor, but it usually blends pretty well with the meal, especially if you cook with it. You should probably sniff it first to see if you like the smell.

ghee (clarified butter, you can get it at an indian grocery) is great if you want to add flavorless calories, but I think its out in this case.

Brandon P. Petersen said...

I guess i should clarify also...i am not trying to just "throw on weight". I am light right now...i cut weight, and then started Paleo so the weight just didnt really come back on.
I was 153 this AM. Ideally, i would like to be at 160 in the AM' this weight, i can get to 145 for weigh ins. . .
So just hoping for a slow climb up there, then to maintain it.
I will still have to eat quite a few calories, because i am very active, but hoping this 4k maybe one day dont have to continue LOL

ill look into the coconut stuff...thanx for info.

nadia said...

@ Oh what I have done, I'm glad you're back on board! Right now I'm going back and forth between feeling awesome and wanting to self-sabotage, so it's really encouraging to hear that another struggler is sticking with the program.

winnipeglove said...

I was just at a natural health food store and came across this product in Toronto, Canada.

I'm now eating the Mexican Beet Fiesta crackers that are raw, organic, 100% paleo. OMG. They are awesome!

They also have 2560 mg of Omega 3.

They'll probably be a treat (like the Larabar) since they're quite pricey and eating an actual beet is much better.

Thanks Moxy Boss for the advice on upping fats when craving sugar. Yes, FAT is THE ANSWER!

anthony said...


Somebody put that on a T shirt.

David X said...

I want a shirt that says, "zea mays is corny" or Moxy Boss is my homegirl.

Soulrich said...

Ok remember how I said I am going from sweet loving normal soulrich to evil want to murder soulrich? I just realized there is a direct correlation (no idea on spelling) with evil soulrich and Brandon saying he needs a 4K calorie meal and having a 1K calorie breakfast. :) JUST TEASING. Had a great day.. moods have mellowed. Upped my calories, upped my fat, and starting to get the hang of this. Yeeaaa.... Starting to look forward to "tomorrow" each day! Cut out the larabars, not because I think there bad, just wanted to see if I could finally get my carbs and fat from other resources instead of one a day. It took a few days to get the hang of that! On another note, my serious desire to cheat (aka my boyfriend) is gone for a week and that should help keep me on track without the nagging "why are you doing this?" :) All in all.. a great day!

Samantha said...

OK. So for dinner today. I had...

1 can tuna
1 egg
1/4 c or so of almond meal.

mix that together in a bowl.
cook in a pan like a pancake with some garlic and sea salt.
place on bed of spinach.


Tracy said...

Today’s workout:
50 burpees
40 jumping squats
30 push-ups
20 burpee box-jumps (this was a new one...)

Melicious – love the Sunshine sauce recipe! I can’t wait to try it out. I am going to be reviewing your blog a little more closely. I hadn’t thought of using Sunbutter in my sauce.

I tried out someone’s suggestion for the hamburger, tomato sauce and veggies but I used the hamburger, organic tomato paste, mushrooms, brussel sprouts, green pepper and of course, coconut milk, brilliant!! I highly recommend it!

Chelsea said...

I made 'chicken parm' for dinner...only with almond meal for the breading and minus the 'parm'. It was still good! I was supposed to cook spinach to go with it but just can't bring myself to eat it cook. I think it's nasty. I put it in a bowl with guacamole on top and called it a salad instead :)

Call me Melicious said...

Hey, y'all... you know what?

My tastes buds are talking to me. A lot.

Sometimes not cheating is hard.

That is all.

David X said...

I was having a shit day today and in the past I would have probably had something sugary or otherwise fattening to try and make me feel better. I resisted the slightest of urges and while my day didn't get any better I didn't feel guilty about giving which was cool.

I do have to admit while my day was crap reading Diesel's interactions with Oh What Have I Done (owhid) did bring a smile to my face. I mentally pictured a lot of neck twisting and finger waving. Oh no you di-ent!!

Also can I make a request that we no longer use the term mouth-gasm on this site. While a staunch libertarian I value the protection of the constitution and our civil liberties above all else however the use of that term grosses me out and makes me NOT want to eat and that defeats the purpose of this whole deal here. Can we replace it just by saying something was really f'ing good?


Robbie said...

Brandon P, be careful with the coconut oil! I overdid it on sunday night and was up for two hours in the middle of the night feeling the exxon valdez tip over in my belly...puked bad.

Oh, what have I done: Don't live and die with each WOD or meal. It's great to feel elation for a PR or a bit disappointed about missing a lift, but if you are leaving all you have on the floor, bar, box or track..then don't stress. Often you will look back and realize the journey to a PR is more important than the number itself.Yes, I love to pull a dead so heavy that I rebel yell when it's up, but it was that 5th round of kettlebell's two weeks ago that gave me the strong back to pull it! You can't set PR's everyday, but you can certainly try! Revel in the fact that you are a minority in this world, somone who takes their health and fitness seriously. That being said..pork rhinds kick ass and I love me som Lara Bars! ;)

Don't sweat the petty things, pet the sweaty things!

Samantha said...

@Call me Melicious -- with food this good... CHEATING is hard. That is all.

Keep it up! Get some chicken curry -- your mouth will love you. Hell, some hard boiled eggs with sea salt. Quick and tasty. Just give your taste buds a CHALLENGE! =) STICK AT IT =) =)

Ricky Hall said...


I know I'm late to the game but I'd like to get in. I've done a couple starts at Paleo since spring but haven't made 30 days yet. With the accountability here, I'm ready to do it. Toughest part for me before has been that I travel a lot for work and take the easy, quick way out too often (fast food, sugary drinks while driving). I'm done eating for tonight, day #1 is Thursday 7/23.

Brandon P. Petersen said...

Tucker: Your good to go :-)
With Dave gone, this will be a piece of cake.

Will do...i honestly dont think i am going to revert to that currently anyway so.. we'll see. . .
I was at 4200 calories today once again so. . .well see...My ratios were 46% fat, 37% protein and 17% carbs.. totaling near 4200 calories. Going to rock some sort of Metcon workout tomorrow, so we'll see how i feel

Adam Kayce said...

I don't remember who was looking for the 4000 calories in one meal... but have you seen the Bacon Explosion? That just might do it.

Robbie said...

HOLY S**T!! Since I can't use my fave flavour adjective...I'll just say, that looks F'N amazing.....a big slice and some eggs and I'm set for the day, minus the BBQ sauce......

Beth said...

Btw, for the Bacon Log, I did one up with pork 'breakfast' sausage (good stuff), a few eggs, and some diced veggies. DELICIOUS.

I dislike how the bacon cooks if I don't have it on a grill, though, so I started making bacon mini-waffles and just topped them with the raw sausage/veggie mix, and made an indentation for the egg on top. *Perfect*! It 'baked' really well after that. I'd put them on foil on an open grill while camping. :) Just grease up the foil first or get non-stick, or you'll lose some of the precious bacon. ;D

dianem said...

I have been reading this blog for a couple of weeks. I think I am ready to join in. I think. You are all very inspiring!