Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Does this feel TOO easy? Read on...

I could not be more surprised - or more thrilled - at how this adventure has taken off. I am in awe of how many people are taking this concept, this change, to heart. We've got entire GYMS working this 30 day program! And the level of support you are giving each other in the comments is amazing. AMAZING. It brings me joy - and I say that in all seriousness . Thanks to everyone who is posting, sharing, encouraging and generally holding each other accountable.

Now, for a word of caution... the first few days - the first two weeks, even - are always easy. You're fired up, you're committed, you're a part of something bigger than yourself. You get caught up in the excitement of this new, shiny, life-changing toy, and so you cruise along with practically no effort at all. You should have done this YEARS ago! It's really not that hard.

I would like to think that the positive experiences you are all having right now are going to carry you along through the whole month. It's hard to argue with looking, feeling and performing better - why wouldn't you want to keep it up? Unfortunately, it's not that simple. There are plenty of other factors, and stressors, that can influence this process. Two weeks from now, when this is no longer a new, shiny toy, and it is perhaps not quite as exciting, and you're being faced with more challenge and more temptation - it may not be this effortless. You may start to struggle. You may think maybe it's not worth it. You may think you've done enough, and what's the harm in relaxing just a little? You've earned it. You deserve it. What's the big deal? You may start to slack off in posting comments, asking questions, offering support. I will warn you of this, right now, so that there are no surprises... Changing your life will not always feel as easy as it feels right now.

So remind yourselves now of the commitment you've made here, to yourselves and and to each other. Be aware that there may be challenges ahead. Plan for them. Mentally prepare for them. Set yourselves up for success, if things start to get harder. Use this forum and each other for support. It's nice to have someplace to go, where you KNOW people understand. Rely on this, because I suspect at some point, you'll need to.

Keep sharing your experiences. Encourage us. Motivate us. Inspire us. Because someone, somewhere, will need that to carry them through.


Brandon P. Petersen said...

Hip Hip Horaaay
Hip Hip Horaaay

It's funny, i'm hearing this exact thing from the few co-workers i got following along with your blog, and participating in this 30 day challenge. I've done this before, so i know how easy it seems in the beginning, and then becomes a HUGE task, and nearly a part-time job, HA HA HA

Good stuff!

Melis - you ever think of adding a small forum to your site?

Jason said...

Last night:
Birthday party for neighbor boy.

Hamburger bun, no thanks.
Cake, no thanks.
Ice Cream, no thanks.

Homemade guacamole instead of catsup, check.

huge serving of fruits and meat, check.

Awesome discussion on the relative flavor merits of the LARA bars I haven't had yet, check.

First real test passed on day 3, priceless.

Jimi said...

I must admit 6 days in and I'm already fantasizing about my first post-30 day meal (10 y/o single malt here I come!) but I think I can pull through. This weekend at the store I plan to really mix it up and buy all new and different paleo friendly foods so things don't get stale.

flaggal said...

Of all the things that I'm missing the most right now? Vinegar! Ha! It's so easy to use to dress a salad. I had been using vinegar the first few days of the challenge until you posted that it wasn't allowed -- how did I miss that when looking at allowed lists?

And yes, this hasn't been as easy as I hoped. The nightshade issue cramps my food style. No tomato, bell pepper, spicy pepper at all? Goodbye salsa!

Yet, still going strong. My energy is good and I've lost a few pounds too. I'm thrilled that it's berry season, as that sure helps satisfy my sweet cravings.

Melicious said...

My #1 trick to minimize the risk of falling off the wagon is finding new recipes. I grew up in my dad's restaurant, and I LOVE FOOD. It feels good to say that after a lifetime of being obese and miserable and embarrassed about liking food.

Food rules.

Food makes us US.

So my advice for newbies and vets alike is to keep digging up new recipes that keep your taste buds happy.

Sure, I eat almost the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day, but at dinner, I have time to experiment -- and sometimes I surprise myself with a different snack that's just YUM.

Here are some of my favorite places to find new recipes and inspiration. They're not all paleo/zone, but with a little science and imagination, you can re-jigger them to work... so you get to be creative, too.

Take a look at the first two posts in this blog: delicious!

Here are some more:

Performance Menu

Paleo Steve
(I made his faux curry fried rice and it changed my life. Seriously. A whole new world of fucking around with cauliflower has emerged.

Caveman Food

Food Renegade

Enlightened Cooking

Elana's Pantry

I've got some good recipes over at my blog, too. Note that some of those recipes were posted before I kicked dairy to the curb, so just delete the cheese references and replace Greek yogurt with a little coconut milk, and you'll be good-to-go.

Amber said...

I'm so glad we started this before the 4th, because instead of trying to undo the damage of a weekend of excess, I'm reaping the benefits of behaving the entire time and already seeing results in my energy levels, body composition and even skin!

Yeah, it's hard. Especially living in the land of over processed food, but we do pull ups and hard is eating right??

Melicious said...

Here's another one for you, free of charge:

Find a farmer's market!

LocalHarvest is a comprehensive one-stop resource for finding locally grown food in the continental U.S. The site provides a customizable search feature on its homepage, and a simple zip code input provided me with a description and link to my closest Community Supported Agriculture option. Other search options include farmer's markets, restaurants that serve food made with organic ingredients and grocery co-ops.

Hey, Amber! You said, "...we do pull ups and hard is eating right??" Amen, sister! There's nothing harder than dragging ass out of bed every morning wishing you felt different. Eating clean is easy compared to self-flogging and regret.

Sloandsteady said...

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who is posting recipe resources, food ideas, good deals on Larabars, etc. It is so reassuring to know that I can come here every day and find support to continue this journey. You all ROCK!

So, today is day 7 and I decided to give up coffee starting day 5. I am surprised that my body didn't revolt. No headaches and plenty of energy. I did substitute black tea with coconut milk, so perhaps that is why.

I must admit that I am feeling pretty positive about my changes, but I know as well as anyone how easy it is to fall off the wagon (or slowly step down as the case may be). Can't wait to see how I (and everyone else) will be doing in a couple of weeks.

I like for recipe ideas.

Jason said...

Melissa, all,

I just want to get some clarification on specifics of food volume. I have been weighing and measuring my food since March a la the Zone diet (19 blocks), with a cheat/refuel day on Friday. I would eat minimal dairy and only occasionally steel cut oats during the other 6 days, but otherwise my eating was completely clean. So with this 30 day challenge, should I scrap the weighing and measuring (which I have done for the last 4 days), or not worry about it? Is it simply a matter of eating until satisfied and eating when hungry? I was never hungry with the weighing and measuring but in my case (or everyone's) should eating clean be the only criteria?

kimmitri said...

alright, got smacked this AM with the reality of my travel schedule (work) this month. i've got two hotel streaks, one of 4 nights and one of 5 nights coming up between now and the end of the month.

i've been thinking of a plan, as i gotta get started this weekend on figuring this out. since i'm driving to both work travel locations, i'm thinking of using my freeze n steam vaccum bags (they are microwaveable) and filling them with food for lunch/dinner to take with me every day to work. i also can use a few $$ to go out sometimes for dinner and grab healthy stuff for a change of pace. stock up at the grocery store asap once i get there for fresh fruit, veggies, and larabars. i think this will work as a good plan. i've never used these bags, but if they work, they will save my butt on this trip!

melicious - you rock, i'm checking those links ASAP!! i'm gonna need some good recipes so i can pack some food ahead for these trips!

Melissa Byers said...

@Jason: The most important thing - and the only thing I care about at his juncture - is food QUALITY. If you want to weigh and measure, go for it. If you want to start eyeballing portions or adopt the "eat when I'm hungry, stop when I'm full" strategy, I'm all for that as well. Of course, I want you to eat enough... but I don't care how you go about doing that. Whatever works for you, in this instance.

Mel - thanks for helping out my peeps here. You've got a rockin' head start on everyone, so it's nice of you to pay some of that forward.

Melicious said...

kimmitri... good luck! That sounds like an awesome plan. About two days after I started working with Melissa B on my diet, I found out I was traveling for work for a PIZZA account. BOO!

She talked me through how to manage my food. You're doing all the right things. If you're at a business-y hotel, I bet you can get awesome stuff at breakfast: eggs, ham, fruit.

Driving is awesome, too, 'cause you can take a cooler. Nice. You're gonna do just fine.

bennie said...

OH man I totally dig your statement about that bright shiny new toy losing it's gleam after a few weeks.

In my case though, whenever I take on challenges like these, I find that the weight loss I encounter is my new shiny toy. (Just to note! I'm not doing this just for weight loss, the weight loss is just a side thing 'cause I have a bit to lose + I'm in training for fall rugby season = some really nice fat loss/muscle gain)

So those new skirts that are in my closet are waiting for me to play with them in two weeks...

Day 3 and I'm feeling good. I even waited in line at a subway (looove subway) with my co worker while he got his sandwich, got nothing, and I hopped next door to the green grocer to get my chicken/boiled egg on mixed greens. Hell yeah!

Robbie said...

I've lost an inch off my waist from not being bloated from grains and abs are back!
I was outside training a client an hour ago on our sports court. We are sandwiched(no pun intended) between three asian eateries, a subway, a boston pizza and a pub....weird place to put a gym...the smells were really getting to me..until I looked at the people filing out of their cars and into the resto's..They were looking long and hard at my guy getting tortured with 20lbs of med ball and I could read their minds; "I wish I had that willpower". Stay strong everyone, we are all in this together for all the right reasons, thanks to all who posted links and recipes..the more resources the better. More shiny toys to add the Paleo collection! Anyone else who is blogging as well, please link it or drop me a line. I love to hear the trials and triumphs!

Brandon P. Petersen said...

question: is anyone else constantly hungry? never ate "terrible", ate very clean actually, but did eat Grains and my dairy was Whole Milk and Cheese.

I am hungry all day long. Even shortly after meals. I feel i am eating a ton of food also.

For instance: Monday
8a - 5 eggs + 3 bacon + blueberries + apple
1045a - Turkey + 12 Almonds + Carrots
1245p- Ground Beef + Almonds + Blueberries + Baby Spinach
315p - Handful of Cashews
5PM - 2 turkey burgers + banana + Almonds
10- (PW) Banana + Ground Beef
11- 2 tbslpn of Sun Butter + Large Pork Chop
(I hit the gym around 8p)

i know i need to eat more veggies, thats always been my downfall. Thats generally why i ate oatmeal few times a day, to add in carbs to function and take in little less fruit. So i need to def up my veggies. But even like this, im hungry all day long.
i am very active. I train MMA and Jiu Jitsu like 5 days a week, and hit gym during days like 3-4 days a week. Other days, i play other sports outside...

Other than that, everything is going good, i just have to work on the veggie situation!!!!

Mindy said...

ok of all things... i miss chewing gum..... =(

Melissa Byers said...


You reminded me of my favorite motivational tool. When clients tell me they're feeling like eating this way is hard, or they are experiencing a lack of willpower, or feeling down on themselves and not seeing the true progress they've really made... I tell them to go sit in the food court of their local mall. I promise you, five minutes of people-watching is all it takes to gain some serious perspective.

Glad to hear you've got some six pack action coming back. That's a lovely byproduct of eating the way we do.


Jason said...

Brandon, by no means an expert here, but I suspect you need to up your good fats and also maybe replace some of the carbs with good fat as well. Nicole Carrol talks about this in her Zone article on and if I recall, she substituted out 1 block of carbs and added back 3 blocks of fat. For an equivalent amount 1 Cup of strawberries = 3 almonds. So for the triple you would eat 9 almonds. Looking at your food log, you are at about 22-24 blocks and for your activity level that may be too low. My 1.5 cents. As Melissa responded above though, its about quality not measuring for this particular exercise, so I would simply try to add more fat where you can. Its worked for me to take care of the hunger. JP

Penty said...

Wait! Vinegar isn't allowed?

How? Why?


Jack Gayton said...

A week late, but I'm in. Just got home from vacation 4 hours ago. Was, I'd say, 75% paleo but was already gearing myself up to reset. This is just what I needed.

Haven't even read all the posts yet, but wanted to throw my hat in before I talk myself out of no beer for 30 days...

..jumping off now..

Brandon P. Petersen said...


ps- im like 5"10 and like clue on my body fat %

i figured i was getting quite a bit of fat from the beef, pork etc..I have been doubling the almonds last few days also, eating like 15-20 with snacks /meals, trying to up that fat. Ill continue to try and add MORE fat

Penty said...

nvm, found the answer in the comments in an article earlier.

Brandon P. Petersen said...

Apparently im going to have to pick up a part time job to support myself eating a full bar of Sun Butter per day :-) :-)

Jason said...


I am at 162 lbm and need 19 blocks but I am nowhere nearly as active as you appear to be. Assuming you have around 145 lbm and with your activity level, I would put you at 21 blocks. So on the surface you would appear to be getting enough fat, but there may be other things going on. Again it MAY be helpful to sub out some carbs for good fat, but don't forget about variety. That is an awful lot of almonds to choke down.

Brandon P. Petersen said...

ya, i've never measured things out, or done the zone route, just trying to eat enough and eat the right stuff. I love almonds, so dont mind eating them. I just had a snack, which was Tuna (small can of chunk light) + 21 almonds + 1/2 apple.
I forgot my sun butter at home...i guess ill just start shoveling spoonfuls of that in :-)
less carbs huh? I felt like i wasnt eating much honestly. Meaning the fruit? I didnt want to get to the point where i wasnt eating enough carbs, where it became unhealthy etc.

Brandon P. Petersen said...

Should i start doing shots of Olive Oil as well? That will give me some "variety"...not 100% sure i could do that, but have heard of it, ha ha ha

Jason said...

So the snack is 2 blocks of tuna, 7 blocks of fat, and 1 block of carbs.

[sheepishly] I've done EVOO shots. The wife looks at me funny. Where are you with fish oil?

Let me back up on fewer carbs. As Melissa noted, "eat when hungry stop when satisfied" for this 30 day journey. I'd play with volume later as you don't want to have muddled conclusions. You may simply want to eat as you have been and just add some good fat to each meal until you find the point where you aren't hungry every five minutes. But again this isn't my show, so I am only telling you what I would do.

Soulrich said...

Ok I have to ask because other than a few posts on headaches I have not seen any negatives. Is anyone else hitting a major wall mid-day? I am sure I will work through it and I am still excited about this and believe in it 100% but any thoughts at all on what I can do? I am not hungry at all, just.... lose total energy at around 2-3 pm
For example I had a little trouble posting this and I wanted to throw my computer out a window... and that is not like me at all. :)

kimmitri said...

melicious - pizza account?? oye! my biggest problem is that i'll be out in the field all day, but i decided this am that this weekend i'm buying 2 coolers. one big one to take in the car with food and one small one to take to work with food. i know that mid month is probably when the shiny object of paleo is gonna wear off and i'm not going to be feeling it - so i'm just gonna invest in this stuff now and try to negate ever excuse i'll have in a few weeks.

i have a recipe to share as well. i saw on a raw foods blog that people were making banana "ice cream" by foodprocessing frozen bananas about 5 minutes and raving about it. i haven't tried this yet, but i definitely will at some point this month.

Brandon P. Petersen said...


Fish Oil, i am taking 5 pills each night before bed. I was taking a lot more, then ran out, and got this stuff. I am still searching for high quality for a decent price (if it exists).

That's what i am going to do . . .Continue to eat pretty much every 2-3 hours, and just add MORE fat to each meal etc. I'll have to give that EVOO shots a try too :-)

Brandon P. Petersen said...


PS_ looking at it that way, my "snack" looks very unproportioned LOL

Jason said...


nah, your blocks are mostly fine with subbing out carbs for fat.

so instead of a 2-2-2, you have a 2-1-(2+3), so you're a little over on the fat by six almonds. No worries :).

On the fish oil, Melissa posted something a few days back that was 0.5 grams per 10 lbs bodyweight so that would put you at (8) 1000mg capsules per day, and possibly needing more. I'll let her speak more to that when she can as fish oil is something I have yet to add consistently. I've used Nordic Naturals in the past in liquid form, but I need 10 grams per day with that formula so we'll see. The large bottle will only last me 18 days and it runs about $35 on Amazon. That can get spendy in a hurry, but in the grand scheme, its not bad if its only one supplement.

Brandon P. Petersen said...

TOUCHE' on the fat. . . Ill experiment. . . I'll see just how much fat i can eat, before i start feeling soft and $hitty... HA HA

Ya, the stuff i got, was like $33 and last like 15 days or something. I know it was great quality. That the NUT seminar Melissa and I went to, the Northshore guys talked about. So looks like i suck it up and buy that. I dont take anything else as far as supplments go so. . .
Since Mrs. Byers cut out my whey protein :-(

Melicious said...

Just had an awesome snack. SO GOOD!

Mix the following and eat with smugness while observing your co-workers eating greasy pizza and garbage from the vending machine:

1 chopped cucumber
diced grilled chicken
diced avocado
olive oil
juice from a 1/4 lime


Kat said...


Did just that last night at work ..... same food too! Delicious. I actually didn't feel I was missing out on all the crap (chips, chocolate, candy, pastry).....I think next time there's a feast I'll bring a jerky tray ;)

Jason said...

"I think next time there's a feast I'll bring a jerky tray"

Thats freaking brilliant

Jason said...

Hey Kat, just saw your blog following. Catra Corbett is how I found Crossfit. Love the fact that this community makes the world feel small.


Kat said...

Hey :) it sure is a small world ..... cool

Amy said...

Well I was going to wait until tomorrow morning to do my happy dance, but it is very unlikely that any garlic bread is going to sneak into my mouth between now and bedtime, so I am officially celebrating my ONE WEEK MILESTONE!

*happy dance*

Also, I hit 100# for three reps on front squats today. Previous 3RM was 85# just a few weeks ago.

BTW, I picked up a copy of "The Paleo Diet" and it says nothing against cashews.

Jason said...

I don't have my Cordain book handy (its out on loan, woohoo) but I recall something about limiting all/certain nuts to 4 oz or less per day if weight loss was a goal. I just did a quick search of the intarweb and it seems that cashews in particular have a nondesireable toxin in them. I believe Cordain's book says something about Omega3/Omega6 ratios not being that good except for maybe almonds. Anyone with the reference handy, feel free to correct any of that

M@ said...


Have you considered paleo kits?

Oh and add a can of coconut milk to those 5 bananas. Makes even more convincing paleo "ice cream"

Samantha said...

Day 3... clear skin ALREADY.
better sleep... ALREADY
just a better outlook to the person in the mirror.

This was the truest of posts, Melissa.
Keep up the great work everyone!!!!!!

had sunbutter today. It's taking care of my "I want chocolate" cravings right now. yummy fatty goodness.

M@ said...

With regards to fish oil, it is 0.5 grams per 10lbs of body weight. If you are seriously overweight or having trouble burning off some stubborn fat, you can go up to 1.0 grams per 10lbs of body weight. When dealing with capsules, the amount of fish oil is not measured by the weight of the capsule but rather by the weight of the EPA and DHA in the capsules. Most 1.0 gram capsules will contain a total of 300 milligrams of EPA and DHA. That means 3 capsules gets you 0.9 grams of fish oil. Nordic Naturals omega 3 liquid is a way better option because it has 1.725 grams of EPA/DHA per teaspoon.

M@ said...


I'm pretty sure cashews are paleo. I think a lot of people avoid them when trying to lose weight because they contain a lot more starch than your average nut.

Jason said...


I wondered about the 1000mg vs 300mg so thanks for the clarification. I think I will stick with the liquid form as opposed to choking down a ton of pills.

Jake said...

Just a quick post. I am finishing up day 4 and it is going well. I was really craving a good sweet treat yesterday. I made a treat from the website that was a banana "dipped" in almond butter and unsweetened coconut. The banana tasted great as it was, but I put it in the freezer and the recipe called for and it was very good either way! I looked forward to it ALL day.

I was also going to make the Larabars from the link someone recommended yesterday. I could not find dried cherries or cranberries that did not have sugar added. Very frustrating. Frustrating that almost everything seems to have sugar added! Again, my head was hurting when I left the store and I do NOT get headaches!

I did get some dates though and will attempt to make the bars one of these days.


Brandon P. Petersen said...

already cheated!!!! 1 scoop of whey when i got home from the gym. Had it with water, and few pieces of pineapple. SHIZZZZLLE
anyway to counter this? LOL

Jason said...


Brandon P. Petersen said...

I'm about to shovel in 5 more TBLSPNS of Sun Butter then calling it a night.... we'll see how i mess this dam thing up tomorrow! =)

Jen said...

Ugh...thanks to this blog, I'm now addicted to any and all flavors of LARABARS. Truly one of the most amazing concoctions.

Doing pretty well thus far....really, REALLY wanted to have a Michelob Ultra with my chicken wings but settled for fresh salsa instead.....just started my fish oil routine...fairly hard to choke down 15 pills a day. Glad someone mentioned an alternative - Nordic Naturals omega 3 liquid....Googling now!!!!

Sadie said...

Ok, I apologize if I'm missing a really obvious post on this, but why should I be taking fish oil? I can see from a bit of research that it's used to lower triglyceride levels and blood pressure, but if i already have low levels, is this still something that is so good for me that's it's worth the potentially sizable investment?


Carla said...

I just came across these posts yesterday. I can't believe I haven't checked in on this blog in over 2 weeks! :(

Anyway, I am in! To prove how committed I am, I started this yesterday even though my family took me out for MY birthday dinner!

7/8 Food

Breakfast: green tea

Lunch: chicken breast, broccoli cooked in EVOO w/ scallions, watermelon

Dinner: beef tenderloin, grilled broccoli, asparagus & carrots (I was offered both wine AND dessert and I said, "no thank you!")

Dessert at home: Made a modified version of this ( from the Son of Grok website:

* 2 Bananas
* 2 cups chopped walnuts
* 1/2 cup unsweetened shredded coconut
* 1/3 cup coconut flour
* 3 eggs

Mixed, spread into cookie sheet, and baked at 350 for about 12 minutes.

I could only eat one square because it was soooo filling! It was the perfect amount of sweetness for me and I felt great this morning! :)

M@ said...


Glad you asked! Have you ever heard of epigenetics (aka epigenics)? It turns out that everything you eat affects the way in which your genes are being expressed. You know the old saying "You are what you eat"? Well, the truth is more like "What you eat dictates what you become". The old excuse of having bad genes just doesn't work anymore. Since epigenetics has flowered over the past decade, scientists are realizing that genes are not the whole story. It doesn't matter if you have a bad gene. What matters is whether or not that gene is being expressed.
So what does this have to do with fish oil? Absolutely nothing! I just fooled you into reading some science-y stuff. Just kidding! Think of gene expression as a switch board. When you eat crap, as in the Standard American Diet (SAD), the switches are all turned in the wrong positions. Fish oil consumption switches everything back to where it should be. Many people find themselves at a stalemate with regards to fat loss and then they start taking fish oil and the weight starts coming off again.
Weight loss aside, having your "switchboard" in order is to your advantage. Fish oil consumption is like a get-out-of-jail-free card. You can have a crappy diet and lifestyle but still fare pretty well as long as you are taking your fish oil. It almost makes people bullet proof. And don't forget that your brain is made up mostly of DHA. Better focus and concentration, improved blood lipid profiles, etc... The benefits go on and on. It is totally worth the investment.

Adam Kayce said...

I'll admit, I'm a fish oil lover... and even more so, now that M@ shared the sweet science with us. But, the quantities being talked about are blowing my mind a bit. I weigh about 210-215, so I'm going to have like 10 capsules a day? Damn...

On the recipe front, here's one for breakfast (or anytime, let's be honest). I'm a total coconut freak, so...

Paleo Coconut Pancakes/Waffles

1 can coconut milk (15oz)
3/4 cup shredded coconut (unsweetened, natch)
2/3 cup almond meal (Trader Joe's is cheapest I've found anywhere)

Now, you could stop there, but you could also add:
a shake of salt
1/4 tsp baking powder
drops of vanilla and/or coconut extract

These work best as waffles, I think, but you can make them pancakes, too. I love 'em.

Oh, and I've been loving the Turkey Sausage I've been making from the recipe at Caveman Food: . I dropped the cumin, though, and added sage. Much better taste.

As far as progress goes, it's going pretty well. I feel tons better, tons cleaner... and doing the 603 WODs along with this have been great, even if they have been kicking my arse.

Keep it up, everyone! You all rock!

Adam Kayce said...

Oh, shoot, I almost forgot - add an egg or two to that Coconut Waffle/Pancake recipe! Whoops! (one egg is all that's needed, but if you want more protein, or like 'em eggy, then make it two.)

Krista said...

Hey there. Long time occassional lurker, transistioning to full-time stalker! :)

I was wondering if you could answer a question for me about coconut milk...if you are looking to lose weight while eating paleo, should you avoid using coconut milk?

Thanks! Started my life time paleo plan on July 27th. So far, so good!

Melissa Byers said...


Welcome! To answer your question, I assume you're asking because coconut milk has a lot of fat. In which case, I need you to catch up on a lot of posts where I talk about how making sure you have adequate fat in your diet is the BEST way to thrive on a Paleo food plan. You've taken out all those high calorie, nutritionally barren foods like grains. Your body used to rely on those for energy. Now, we're going to replace those foods with FAT. Healthy, delicious fat. And, eventually, your body will get the hint and start using fat - both from bodily stores and your food - as energy.

So, no, you should not avoid coconut milk or other good fat sources. In fact, given that fat is muscle sparing, an excellent energy source and extremely satiating... your first order of business is making sure you're getting ENOUGH.

Hope that helps.

Krista said...

Thanks Melissa! I totally get the need for good fats in your diet...and I have been getting that through my nuts, avocado etc...I think I was just a bit paranoid that I would be adding too much fat into my diet.

I think my metabolism may be shot from running a calorie deficit for too long and am now trying paleo to see if eating healthy, good foods without weighing and measuring (which is where my concern for TOO much fat comes in), will start firing up my metabolism again. I am a strong, fit chick with good xfit results - and have no desire to be a "skinny" chick, but would like my body to reflect my fitness. Right now I am the "fit but fat" girl. :( I am 5'4 and currently 163lbs...I was 143 and happy a year ago...but something has since gone haywire and I'm trying to get my body back.

ANYWAY!! Thanks so much Melissa!

Melicious said...

Krista, we're the same height with similar weight goals. Maybe we should be paleo buds?!

Krista said...

For sure! :) I'm still reading my way through everything...but it seems like you definitely have the hang of this paleo thing!